Reducing Waste

The SCREEN Group has long endeavored to reduce the total volume of our waste emissions,* which includes valuable resources that are sold. During the year ended March 2018, the Group generated 2,696 metric tons of waste emissions including valuable resources. The volume of waste disposed of was 1,624 metric tons. This enabled us to achieve the annual target (SCREEN Group in Japan) of reducing the volume of waste disposed of per unit weight of product shipment by 6% compared with the fiscal year ended March 2014.

* Total volume of waste emissions = Waste (recycled + combusted + buried) + valuable resources
From the fiscal year ended March 2018, we changed our target from “total volume of waste emissions” to “volume of waste.”

Adressing Water-related Risks

Our Group understandably faces a wide variety of risks related to water resources, including climate change and natural disasters, and we are actively working to mitigate and adapt to these situations. In addition to promoting water conservation and recycling at each of our own business facilities, we are increasingly working to reduce the volume of water our products use at customer sites during operation. We have made this a matter of high priority.

The Group used 2.06 million metric tons of water during the fiscal year ended March 2018, up approximately 1% from the previous fiscal year. Many of our manufacturing sites are located near the Lake Biwa - Yodo River Basin. We recognize our important social responsibility to protect these ecosystems and maintain our contribution to regional communities. As such, we are committed to complying with all water emission standards and ensuring appropriate waste treatment and quality management.

Maintaining Material Balance

Material balance refers to the relationship between the amount of energy and resources invested in business activities (input) and the amount of environmentally hazardous substances generated and released as a result of those activities (output).

■Material Balance in the Fiscal Year Ended March 2018 (SCREEN Group in Japan)