Reducing Waste

By the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, we aim for our facilities in Japan to achieve 5% reduction in waste (intensity per unit weight of product shipments) compared to fiscal 2019 levels. Likewise, we are targeting a recycling rate of at least 98%. To this end, we make effective use of resources, control and reduce the waste generated, and recycle materials wherever possible. We also manage waste disposal stringently to ensure industrial waste is properly disposed of. Specifically, we periodically visit all the waste disposal contractors handling the steps of the waste disposal process—from waste collection and transport within our facilities to final disposal. We use a checklist to confirm that the contractors carry out waste processing appropriately. If we find any problems that need to be addressed, we swiftly instruct them to take corrective action and demand thorough waste management.
The total waste generated was 2,304 metric tons. We have achieved our Green Value 21 Phase IV target of reducing the waste generated per unit weight of product shipment by 6% compared with the fiscal year ended March 2014.

Adressing Water-related Risks

Our Group understandably faces a wide variety of risks related to water resources, including climate change and natural disasters, and we are actively working to mitigate and adapt to these situations. In addition to promoting water conservation and recycling at each of our own business facilities, we are increasingly working to reduce the volume of water our products use at customer sites during operation. We have made this a matter of high priority.
We are working to achieve a 5% reduction in water withdrawal (tap water, industrial-use water, etc.) by March 31, 2024 compared to fiscal year ended March 31, 2019 levels (intensity per unit weight of product shipments). We also strive for efficient water usage and water discharge quality control at our development and production sites. We send wastewater through a purification process that is based on our in-house standards, which are stricter than legal and regulatory standards. We are also actively working to reduce the amount of water used in the operation of products at customer sites.