The SCREEN Group has established a CSR Charter / Code of Conduct that sets forth the code of conduct that all group executives and employees should follow and includes principles of conduct based on our corporate philosophy. We are putting it into practice in areas including compliance, human rights, product liability, and the supply chain, thereby fulfilling our social responsibility as a corporation and responding to the expectations of society. The SCREEN Group is constantly educating employees about the CSR Charter / Code of Conduct. Through this training, we are working to increase awareness of the importance of diversity, and of respect for diversity of factors such as nationality, race, faith, gender, and sexual orientation/gender identity.

SCREEN Group CSR Charter

The SCREEN Group will contribute to the development and sustainability of society by satisfying the expectations and maintaining the trust of society in a forward thinking manner based upon our corporate philosophies of "Sharing the Future", "Human Resource Development" and "The Pursuit of Technology".

1. Provision of Products and Services Beneficial to Society
The SCREEN Group will provide products and services which are beneficial to society through the pursuit of new technologies, and aim to share our vision of a prosperous future.

2. Respect for Human Rights and Friendly Work Environment
With our belief that people are the core of our business operations, the SCREEN Group will respect the human rights of each and every person, and support the performance of our diverse workforce. We will also create a safe and sound work environment so that employees can work comfortably and at ease.

3. Establishment of Friendly Environment for People and Our Planet
The SCREEN Group considers environmental issues such as global warming and pollution as substantial concerns for sustainable social development, and therefore, we will engage in business activities incorporating environmental concerns which are friendly to both people and our planet.

4. Sound and Effective Corporate Governance
The SCREEN Group will implement high transparency in the management of its business by sound and effective corporate governance.

5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, and Standards of Ethics
The SCREEN Group will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as standards of ethics of all relevant countries, and will conduct business activities in a fair and sensible manner.

6. Appropriate Management and Utilization of Information and Intellectual Property
The SCREEN Group will, through development of information security, and in compliance with local laws of all relevant countries and our internal regulations, appropriately manage and maintain the confidentiality of our trade secrets as well as information such as personal information and intellectual property, and we will also seek practical applications therefor.

7. Appropriate Disclosure of Company Information
In addition to actively communicating with stakeholders, the SCREEN Group will disclose information relating to the Group in a timely and appropriate manner.

8. Corporate Social Responsibility as Good Corporate Citizen
The SCREEN Group will actively participate in activities which contribute to society as a good corporate citizen in order to promote sustainable social development.

9. Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces
The SCREEN Group will ban any relationships with anti-social forces, including organized crime groups, which pose a threat to public order and safety of society.

SCREEN CSR Charter and Code of Conduct