An Unchanging Commitment to the Development of Society

(Left) Eiji Kakiuchi
Chairman, Member of the Board
(Right) Toshio Hiroe
President, Member of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

The SCREEN Group traces its origins back to Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works, established in Kyoto in 1868. From the very beginning, our founders desired to share Kyoto’s history and traditions with the world and to contribute to the development of culture and society, via the medium of copperplate printing.

Even today, we maintain the same strong commitment to the growth of society, as embodied by our current management policy. For the electronics and printing industries, this means we will continually seek to provide solutions that offer cutting-edge, high-precision technologies, improvements in productivity and quality, and reductions in environmental load. Our goal will always be to use the power of process innovation to support our customers’ manufacturing capabilities.

Building an advanced social infrastructure

In recent years, there has been increasing concern over the significant impact worldwide climate change and environmental degradation are likely to have on future generations. Fortunately, the threat has triggered an active and ongoing movement to build a more sustainable society on a global level. The situation has also led to growing calls for private sectors to effectively utilize the business resources they possess, including their unique innovative strengths, to address a wide range of environmental and social issues.

We currently live in an era in which the Internet of Things, or IoT, can connect almost any device to a global network, and artificial intelligence and big data are widely used. This has given us the ability to make major changes to both our lifestyle and the business environment.

In this time of remarkable technological innovation, we believe there is great potential to resolve a variety of environmental and social challenges. It is the electronics and information technology industries that will drive the development of this increasingly sophisticated social infrastructure, and for this reason, at the SCREEN Group, we have made it our core mission to provide the cutting-edge products and services needed to support these two key fields.

Developing a sustainable society

The SCREEN Group follows three corporate philosophies, “Sharing the Future”, “Human Resource Development” and “The Pursuit of Technology”. These philosophies reflect our belief that by remaining focused on the future and fulfilling our mission of continuous technological innovation, we can make a significant contribution to the development of society. This is the same conviction that has guided us since our establishment.

We also believe the practical implementation of this concept will enable us to achieve our corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. For this reason, we have formulated our own CSR Charter, which contains standards that all Group members must adhere to. Each individual employee and executive is expected to act as a good corporate citizen and demonstrate responsible behavior in all of their activities.

The Group is also working with great energy to address a range of wider environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. In addition to supplying products and services that help to reduce environmental load, we are expanding our human resource development programs and working to provide an environment that enables each employee to more productively engage in their daily activities. We are also pursuing the creation of a highly effective corporate governance system.

In 2016, we became a signatory to the United Nation’s Global Compact, in an effort to push forward our CSR management initiatives in line with an international framework. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also connect closely with our corporate philosophies and we are working to align the focus and implementation of our CSR Charter with their objectives. This initiative is currently being expanded to include the whole of the SCREEN Group.

In all of these undertakings, our core goal remains the creation of a sustainable society. We hope that through these efforts our Group will be able to satisfy the expectations and belief placed in us by our many different stakeholders.