Promoting Green Products

We focus on expanding sales of products with high environmental performance that are certified as “Green Products” according to our independent evaluation standards, so as to contribute to GHG emission reductions on our clients’ side.
We evaluate each product in terms of energy saving, resource conservation, degree of disassembly, recycling, environmental protection and safety, and information availability on a scale of one to five, while seeking to minimize energy consumption associated with the product. We also added to our evaluation criteria the power consumption equivalent of exhaust, as well as ultrapure water, nitrogen and other utilities, reflecting the SEMI S231*1 definition of “equivalent energy.” 
Moreover, to further accelerate the reduction of GHG emissions from the use of sold products, we introduced a Super Green Product certification system for products with even better energy saving performance. And we are focusing on developing products that meet this standard.

*1 Guide for Conservation of Energy, Utilities and Materials Used by Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. The basic procedure is to convert the electricity, ultrapure water, exhaust and other utility use into an energy equivalent (kWh) to enable the calculation of the total energy use. Each utility is assigned a priority in the effort to reduce total energy use.

■Green Products as a Percentage of Sales

 Green Products as a Percentage of Sales/Number of Certified Products
Green Products_E.png

Certification Standards

■ Green Product

We evaluate the environmental performance of newly developed products against benchmark products.*2 A decrease of 25% or more is used as the reference for energy usage.
*2  Conventional products used as standards for environmental assessments

● Requirements
Evaluate on a scale of 1 to 5 the six aspects of (i) energy saving, (ii) resource conservation, (iii) ease of disassembly, (iv) reuse of resources, (v) environmental protection and safety, and (vi) information availability.

● Certification standards
Must score 2 (on par with a baseline product) or higher for all aspects, and satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Average score 3 or higher for all six aspects
  2. Score 4 or higher for at least one of the following: “energy saving,” “resource conservation” or “environmental protection and safety
  3. Achieve one of the following:
      - Energy Consumption reduced 25% or more
      - Material input cut 25% or more
      - 100% green procurement rate

■ Super Green Product

The proportion of sales from Super Green Products is designated as one of the outcome KPIs of the Management Grand Design, a 10-year vision which extends through the fiscal year ending March 31, 2033. During the period of the new medium-term plan, in addition to the Group’s independent efforts, we will collaborate with industry organizations to adapt flagship products in each business.

● Certification standards
In addition to the green product certification standards, with the energy consumption of products sold in FY2019 as a baseline, we set a reduction of 40% or more per unit of processing area as a standard for certifying Super Green Products.

Initiatives in Individual Business Fields

Semiconductor Production Equipment Business

Years ended March 31 Certified products  evaluation standards (1) evaluation standards (2) evaluation standards (3)
2023 Wafer Pattern Inspection System ZI-3600
2021 Spectroscopic Film Thickness Measurement System VM-2500
2018 Flash Lamp Annealer  LA-3100
2017 Spin Scrubber SS-80EX  
Single Wafer Cleaner SU-3300    
2015 Direct Imaging System for Advanced Packaging DW-3000
2014 Coat/Develop Track DT-3000
Single Wafer Cleaner SU-2000  
2013 Spin Scrubber SS-3200
Coat/Develop Track SK-80EX  
Coat/Develop Track SK-60EX  
2012 Single Wafer Cleaner SU-3200
Compact Wet Station CW-1500

Graphic Arts Equipment Business

Years ended March 31 Certified products  evaluation standards (1) evaluation standards (2) evaluation standards (3)
2022 Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI LM  
2021 Truepress JET 520HD mono
Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI S/E  
UV inkjet printing system AT-i2000UV  
PlateRite Ultima 40000N-Z/S/E  
2020 PlateRite Ultima 24000N-Z/S
Truepress JET 520HD AD
PlateRite FX1524N  
PlateRite FX870N-S/E  
2019 PlateRite 8600NⅡ-Z/S/E  
2018 PlateRite Ultima 16000N-Z/E  
Truepress Jet L350UV+/+LM
2017  Truepress Jet520ZZ Advanced    
PlateRite HD 8900N-Z/S/E  
Truepress JET 520NX
2016 PlateRite 4600Z/S/E  
2015 PlateRite 16000N
Truepress JET 520HD  
2014 PlateRite 8600MⅡ-SA/ZA
2013 PlateRite 8600MⅡ-S
2012 Truepress Jet520ZZ

Display Production Equipment and Coater Business

Years ended March 31 Certified products  evaluation standards (1) evaluation standards (2) evaluation standards (3)
2023 Coater/ Developer SK-2250G
2021 Coater/ Developer
2020 Coater/ Developer
2019 Coater/ Developer SK-3033G


Coater/ Developer

Coater/ Developer
2014 Multi-purpose Coater LC-M1300G

Coater/ Developer SK-N1500G

2012 Coater/ Developer SK-2200G 
Coater/ Developer SK-N1300G

PCB-related Equipment Business

Years ended March 31 Certified products  evaluation standards (1) evaluation standards (2) evaluation standards (3)
2022 Direct Imaging System Ledia 7
Direct Imaging System Ledia Twin  
2022 Defect Verification & Repair System VT-7*
*Super Green Product
2020 Digital Precision Measurement System FP-9200F  
Digital Precision Measurement System FP-9200S    
2017 Direct Imaging System Ledia 6 SS/SP/SM/FS/FP/FM
Automatic Optical Inspection System MIYABI 7
2015 Defect Verification & Repair System VT-2000F  
Automatic Optical Photomask Inspection System MI-9700
Automatic Optical Inspection System PI-9200F
Automatic Optical Inspection System PI-9200H
Automatic Optical Inspection System PI-9200S
Automatic Optical Inspection System PI-9400
Automatic Optical Inspection System PI-9700
2014 Digital Precision Measurement System FP-9000  
Direct Imaging System Ledia 5F  
Defect Verification & Repair System VT-2000H  
2013 Direct Imaging System Ledia 5S    
2012 Digital Precision Measurement System FP-8200AL    
Work Size PCB Visual Color Inspection System WI-8500  
Direct Imaging System LI-9700