Defect Verification & Repair System VT 2000 Series

・The VT-7 displays defect images and information on the monitor screen with reference to the   inspection results data from our inspection equipment to allow you to check defects visually.

・It also enlarges defect images clearly using its high-resolution zoom lens and high-definition CMOS camera and allows you to see master images and defect maps at the same time with large improvements in visibility and workability.


  1. Automatic light source adjustment function

    Zoom level and light intensity values for illumination based onboard and defect types can be registered in a recipe for defect verification with optimum light intensity at any time.

  2. Automatic alignment mark registration function

    The camera automatically moves to alignment mark positions to register the marks. This eliminates the need to manually register alignment marks and increases inspection process throughput.

  3. Many auxiliary functionsThe VT-7 also has a defect summary function that uses a defect type name specified by users, a specific major  point registration function, and a skip function for efficient defect verification without detection failures, and also has a length measurement function that measures line width, annular ring and via diameter easily.