Supply Period for Maintenance Parts

We retain a stock of maintenance parts for SCREEN PCB production equipment for around seven years after the sale of each system finishes. In reality, our goal is to ensure a reliable supply of parts for as long as possible so our customers can continue using their equipment even after this seven year period. Unfortunately, after seven years, there are likely to be some items we cannot fully provide ourselves.

Many factors influence manufacturing trends, particularly in relation to electronic components affected by digital technologies and parts for which mass production is no longer possible. These changes may create situations in which procurement becomes extremely difficult. In addition, the availability of non-SCREEN devices, such as PCs and their peripherals, etc., depends on the policies of their individual manufacturers.The custom order period will be 3 years after the end of product sales. If you have any questions, please contact sales / support.

We would ask you to be aware of these points.

Page for confirming the supply period of individual service parts