In Japan

The SCREEN Group actively promotes industry-academia-government collaboration. We collaborate with the national government, local communities, universities, and educational institutions to carry out a variety of activities that contribute to society.

Nurturing the Next Generation and Supporting Education

Collaboration with Universities (Japan)

  • We will be actively involved in human resource development based on a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Kyoto University of Advanced Science.
  • We have signed an agreement with Kyoto Institute of Technology for comprehensive technology exchange and are working to solve problems in the local community through implementation of technology within society.
  • We have concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with the Doshisha Business School and are collaborating to promote an "MBA Education Functional Enhancement Project" through Industry-Academia Collaboration.
  • We signed an agreement on comprehensive partnership and collaboration in data science and other areas with Kyoto Womenʼs University.

Supporting the Kyoto Manufacturing Hall of Fame and Manufacturing Workshop Learning program (Japan)

 Kyoto Manufacturing Hall of Fame and Manufacturing Workshop Learning program

Since 2009, we have sponsored the Kyoto Manufacturing Hall of Fame and Manufacturing Workshop Learning, and hold school visits for elementary school students. In fiscal 2022, 283 elementary school students from 7 schools participated. 

Helping nurture the next generation of professionals (Japan)

Helping nurture the next generation of professionals (Japan)

The SCREEN Group promotes nurturing of the next generation of professionals in local communities by sending employees to serve as “Meister High School CEO” at Hikone Technical High School, which has been designated as a Meister High School Program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Support and promotion of science and culture

Hosting a workshop at Lake Biwa Museum (Japan)

Participating in the Summer Interactive Special Exhibit (Japan)

In July 2022, SCREEN Holdings and Lake Biwa Museum co-hosted a workshop titled “Find and Study Small Creatures in Lake Biwa.” The event helped participants learn more about Lake Biwa through the observation of small living things.    

Supporting the creative activities of people with disabilities (Japan)

Art displayed in the head office lobby

Since 2017, the SCREEN Group has been supporting Tensai-Art KYOTO, a non-profit research organization promoting art by people with disabilities, by exhibiting their artists' works at the Head Office and the Rakusai and Monzennakacho sites. In April 2022, we concluded an agreement with the organization to support creative activities, with the goal of promoting the artistic activities of people with disabilities and, by extension, creating an inclusive society.

Supporting the Museum Partner program (Japan)

Supporting the Museum Partner program (Japan)

In 2019, the SCREEN Group entered into a Museum Partner agreement with the Kyoto National Museum. Through this agreement we support operation of the museum, including purchase and repair of cultural properties, educational programs, and research.

Support and promotion of sports

Supporting local sports (Japan)

Photo courtesy of the Kyoto Football Association

Since 2019, the SCREEN Group has supported the Kyoto Football Association and an initiative by professional soccer club Kyoto Sanga F.C. to send its coach to elementary schools.

Protecting the Environment

Participating in the Kyoto Model Forest initiative (Japan)

The SCREEN Group has joined the Kyoto Model Forest Initiative.Since 2018, we have been paying the cost of maintaining an approximately 53 hectare block of forest in the Miyagawa district of Miyazaki Town, Kameoka City. Local residents, Group employees and their families, and former employees participate to improve their understanding of biodiversity through forest conservation experience and observation of living creatures living in satoyama.

Serving as a Lake Biwa Museum Aquarium Supporter (Japan)

Serving as a Lake Biwa Museum Aquarium Supporter (Japan)

Shiga Prefecture, where our Hikone Plant is located, is home to Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest freshwater lake. As part of its biodiversity conservation initiative, SCREEN Holdings serves as an Aquarium Supporter for the Micro Aquarium at Lake Biwa Museum, which provides materials and opportunities for examining the relationship between the lake and the people who live around it.

Other promotion and support

Cooperating with food bank activities (Japan)

food bank activities (Japan)

Since 2018, we have helped people facing economic hardship by donating surplus food to Food Bank Shiga/Kyoto each time we refresh our stocks of emergency rations.

Co-sponsoring “Table For Two” activities (Japan)

Table For Two

The SCREEN Group sponsors “Table For Two,” a program that delivers one lunch to a child in a developing country for every low-calorie TFT lunch chosen by an employee in order to help prevent lifestyle diseases. Since 2010, we have provided a total of more than 190,000 meals through the program. In developing countries, school lunches not only improve nutrition, but also help boost grades and provide another reason for kids to come to school every day.

Matching gifts (Japan)

Since 2022, SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. launched a matching gift program under which SCREEN Group employees make donations that it matches and then donates to protect and support refugees.

Humanitarian aid (Japan)

In 2023, we donated 10 million yen to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) through "Japan for UNHCR", Japan’s official aid portal, to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.


Volunteers making kimchi (South Korea)

 Employees from SCREEN HD Korea and Trivis volunteered to make kimchi, which they donated to a seniors’ center.

Meal Support (USA)

California employees in SCREEN SPE USA donated a total of $1,003, which along with another $800 from the SEUS CSR Committee was used to buy 7,212 meals for families in need.

Utilization of reused products (Germany)

SCREEN SPE Germany proposed that employees purchase and reuse company-owned cell phones and laptops that are no longer in service, and we donated the funds raised to social welfare organizations.