Founded on the concepts of coexistence, consideration for others, and nurturing of the next generation, the SCREEN Group carries out social contribution activities in five areas: Science and Education, Social Welfare, Sports and Culture, Environmental Conservation, and Community Contribution.

Environmental preservation

  • As part of efforts to conservation of biological diversity,signed agreement on preserving forest uses as part of CSR activities in the area of environmental preservation.
  • As part of efforts to conservation of biological diversity,participating in the Miyako Creatures and Cultural Collaboration Renewal Project promoted by the City of Kyoto. Under a three-year plan, we are promoting cultivation of endangered rare plants by planting garden beds at our Head Office location (in Kyoto).

Support for Science and education

  • Since 2009, we have sponsored the Kyoto Manufacturing Hall of Fame and Manufacturing Workshop Learning, and hold school visits for elementary school students. In fiscal 2017, 512 elementary school students from 12 schools participated.
  • Since 2015, we have been a sponsor of the Science Inter-College Research Presentation Conference sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and have awarded the “SCREEN Prize.”
  • Since 2015, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions has been a sponsor of the FIRST Robotics Competition, an high school robotics competition in the US.
  • Presented lectures at universities on Practical Exercises for Corporate CSR and engaged in dialog with students.
  • Engineers from the SCREEN Group made presentations at the Future Forum for High School Students.
  • Since 2010, we have welcomed company visits at our Rakusai Site by high school students with an interest in science from countries around the world and who are attending the Japan Super Science Fair.
  • Since 2016, we have set up a booth at the Toy Contest Grand Prix in Kyoto where participants can have fun while learning how printing works.
  • We have worked with primary schools in the vicinity of our Head Office

Sports and Culture

  • We cooperated in creating replicas of katazome (stencil dyeing) artwork displayed at the commemorative exhibition for the APEC Summit held in Vietnam in October 2017.
  • We are supporting creative activities by displaying artwork in the lobbies of our Head Office and Rakusai Site done by artists belonging to Tensai-Art KYOTO, a non-profit research organization promoting art by people with disabilities.
  • We co-sponsored the Japan Concert Tour of the Goettingen Boy's Choir of Germany.
  • Supporting the Kyoto Sanga FC football club team as an official stadium sponsor since 2005.
  • Sponsor of the National Wheelchair Ekiden Race competition since 2014.
  • Sponsor of the Kyoto Ladies Open since 2014.
  • Supporter of Kyoto City Zoo since 2016 as a sponsor to help offset feeding costs.
  • Sponsor of the renovation project for Lake Biwa Museum since 2016.

Community Service

  • The SCREEN Group conducts regular cleanups around each of our facilities.
  • Since 1990, our Hikone Plant has been working with local residents to clean up the Ota River, which flows in front of the facility.
  • Employees of our Yasu Plant participate as volunteers in the Yasu City “Operation Zero Garbage” in Yasu City.
  • Since 2014, we have participated as volunteers in the Gion Festival “Operation Zero Garbage.”
  • Since around 1985, we have participated as volunteer “float pullers” in the grand procession of floats in the Gion Festival.

Social Welfare

  • Once a month, during lunch breaks, cookies and miscellaneous goods made at disabled employment support facilities are sold at the HeadOffice, Hikone Plant, and Nishikyogoku site.
  • At Inca Digital Printers, employees participate in various fundraising events and donate to charitable organizations.
  • SCREEN HD Korea does volunteer work at the Seoul Welfare Center for the Elderly as an activity commemorating its founding.
  • Since 2010, we have co-sponsored “Table For Two” activities, where each meal eaten also delivers a meal to children in developing countries.