With the semiconductor market expanding rapidly, we are looking forward to achieving record sales and profit growth, and to fulfilling our goal of becoming a superior corporation

Toshio Hiroe
Member of the Board
Chief Executive Officer

I would like to extend my warmest greetings to our stakeholders and all others interested in our progress.

The world has changed dramatically due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the markets in which we are engaged are likewise continuing to shift quickly. In particular, growing demand for the devices needed for remote working is accelerating the world’s current digital transformation (DX), placing the electronics industry, especially semiconductor production equipment industry on a path of unprecedented expansion.

Our Group sees this situation as an opportunity for new growth and we remain fully committed to our goal of becoming a superior enterprise that is both profitable and efficient. In line with our founder’s credo “Shi Kou Ten Kai (思考展開)” *  (striving to constantly think, apply new ideas, and pursue better solutions) we intend to pursue greater technological innovation to help meet the challenges of creating a sustainable future. This will involve transforming our entire Group into an entity that is able to grow and develop with society.

Looking ahead, we ask for your continued support of our endeavors. 

* “Shi Kou Ten Kai” can be written in Japanese (思考展開), it refers to the strong will to bravely strive for the creation of new businesses and products, constantly thinking, “How can we connect new ideas to SCREEN’s technologies and products?”, and, “Is there anything that can be done better? ”