Aiming to Secure Sustainable Growth

Toshio Hiroe
Member of the Board
Chief Executive Officer

The market environment surrounding the SCREEN Group today is harsher than ever due to U.S.-China trade tensions and the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we consider the current crisis to be an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to help resolve emerging social issues and, to this end, are determined to deliver solutions tailored to meet needs of society.

In line with our founder’s credo “Shi Kou Ten Kai (思考展開)” *  (striving to constantly think, apply new ideas, and pursue better solutions) we will take on the challenge of realizing a sustainable future society through technological innovation. Rallying all the Group’s strengths, we will become a company that achieves growth and continually develops together with society. 

In addition, our view with regard to the medium- to long-term market outlook is quite positive given the advances in digital technologies related to AI, IoT, and 5G communications devices, and we expect our mainstay semiconductor production equipment (SPE) business and other operations to benefit from growing demand.  

Looking ahead, we ask for your continued support of our endeavors. 

* “Shi Kou Ten Kai” can be written in Japanese (思考展開), it refers to the strong will to bravely strive for the creation of new businesses and products, constantly thinking, “How can we connect new ideas to SCREEN’s technologies and products?”, and, “Is there anything that can be done better? ”