Disclosure Policy

Based on the principle of “Appropriate Disclosure of Company Information” laid out in the SCREEN Group CSR Charter, the SCREEN Group has established and published the SCREEN Group Disclosure Policy, aimed at helping shareholders, investors, and all stakeholders to better understand the Group. The disclosure policy serves as a foundation for efforts to ensure that disclosure is transparent, fair, ongoing, timely, and appropriate.
Aiming to promote constructive engagement with shareholders and investors, the SCREEN Group properly discloses information likely to be of use in furthering their understanding of the Group, including information not required by such laws and regulations as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act or by the Timely Disclosure Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

Investor Relations: Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Investor Relations

Through our investor relations (IR), we strive to give our shareholders and investors a greater understanding of the SCREEN Group by communicating our management, business, and financial position in a timely, accurate, and clear-cut manner. IR also provides a means for managements to get opinions and other feedback from shareholders and investors to maximize corporate value.
Following earnings announcements and at conferences, our CEO, CFO and other management members receive interviews, and dialog with voting representatives (SR meeting) are also conducted. When it comes to fair disclosure, we strive to expand the range of materials we provide, to provide them in a timely manner, and, when possible, to provide them in two languages (Japanese and English) when published on website. Moreover, we send questionnaires to institutional investors and analysts once a year to identify the challenges in, and improve the quality of, our IR activities.
Also, at the 80th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (June 24, 2021), we provided a live stream over the Internet of the proceedings for the first time ever.
Through our IR activities, we seek to build good relations with all our long-term investors who are focused on maintaining an appropriate share price and creating a balanced shareholder portfolio.

Number of Dialogue-Based IR Activities
(Fiscal year ended March 31, 2021)


(Nearly everything was conducted online due to COVID-19)

・ Earnings presentations : 4
・ Meetings with institutional investors and analysts: Approximately 320
・Overseas institutional investor conferences : 15
・Shareholder engagement aimed at voting representatives: 8
・Company briefings for individual investors: 1
・Medium-term management plan and business briefing session: 1