Disclosure Policy

Based on the principle of “Appropriate Disclosure of Company Information” laid out in the SCREEN Group CSR Charter, the SCREEN Group has established and published the SCREEN Group Disclosure Policy, aimed at helping shareholders, investors, and all stakeholders to better understand the Group. The disclosure policy serves as a foundation for efforts to ensure that disclosure is transparent, fair, ongoing, timely, and appropriate.
Aiming to promote constructive engagement with shareholders and investors, the SCREEN Group properly discloses information likely to be of use in furthering their understanding of the Group, including information not required by such laws and regulations as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act or by the Timely Disclosure Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

Investor Relations: Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Investor Relations

Through our investor relations (IR), we strive to give our shareholders and investors a greater understanding of the SCREEN Group by communicating our management, business, and financial position in a timely, accurate, and clear-cut manner. IR also provides a means for us to get opinions and other feedback from these stakeholders that we use to maximize corporate value. Following earnings announcements and at conferences, our CEO, corporate strategy director, CFO and other top management members give interviews to and hold dialogue with our stakeholders.

>>Number of Dialogue-Based IR Activities (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2018)
- Earnings presentations: 4
- Meetings with institutional investors and analysts: Approximately 400
- Overseas IR activities: 3 (North America, Europe, and Asia)
- Institutional investor events, domestic conferences: 7
- Plant tours for institutional investors: 1
- Company briefings for individual investors: 15
- Plant tours for individual investors: 1

We also have a comprehensive range of IR publications, including Annual Reports, Fact Books (Investor Guides), and Japaneselanguage shareholder newsletters. On our website can be found information such as earnings presentation documents and product press releases. In May 2018, we increased the amount of information on earnings presentation documents and started releasing FAQs on these and other IR activities in a timely manner.
We are periodically planning to conduct dialogue with voting exercise staff from this fiscal year.

General Meeting of Shareholders

77th General Meeting of Shareholders

To ensure that as many shareholders as possible can attend our General Meeting of Shareholders, we schedule it to avoid conflicting with other companies’ meeting dates and we send out invitations well in advance to maximize the number of shareholders who can attend. Individual and corporate shareholders can also exercise their voting rights online using a computer or smartphone, and institutional investors can do so via an Electronic Voting System Platform.
For overseas investors, we provide an English summarized version of the Notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders on TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange) and on our global website. Posting the Notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders and the voting results of the meeting on our website ensures maximum transparency.