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New Value

Our future begins today...

The SCREEN Group hopes to inspire new ideas,
like drops of water that add moisture to parched earth.
As a solution creator,
we are working to resolve many of the issues affecting society worldwide.
Each day, we dedicate ourselves to finding answers that will shape our future.
In our quest, we use SCREEN’s proven technologies and combined expertise
to bring new value to the world.
Our goal is always to create shared and sustainable growth for both business and society.
And, of course, to remain an indispensable force for good in this world...


Company info

Solving problems through business to create new value for the world

At SCREEN, we can trace our roots back through a history spanning over 150 years to Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works, originally founded in Kyoto in 1868. Over the decades, we have developed core technologies in the three areas of surface processing, direct imaging and image processing. We are now leveraging these technologies as a solution creator to continuously address various issues facing global society.

  1. 411.8 billion yen

    As of March 2022, total net sales for the SCREEN Group stood at some 411.8 billion yen. More than just a number, this represents the major role we are playing in society.

  2. 6,000 people

    At the end of the 2022 fiscal year, the overall SCREEN Group had a total of 5,934 employees. Our people are active in many areas right around the world.

  3. 31 overseas bases

    We have 31 bases located worldwide, in addition to our facilities in Japan. This comprehensive SCREEN network is designed to support society on a global basis.


Supported by three types of core technologies

The SCREEN Group possesses core technologies in three key areas: surface processing, direct imaging and image processing. Each of these areas includes its own foundational technologies, which we have progressively expanded into the semiconductor, print, display, PCB and other markets.

SCREEN of core technologies
three types of core technologies


Working as a solution creator

We are constantly using the power of innovation to target a wide range of issues and lead the way to possible solutions.
At the same time, we are also working to build a more prosperous society for each person.
In essence, this is how we see our role as a solution creator.
Our mission is to become a fully sustainable company that can grow with society.
This will allow us to always provide the world with new value.

New Businesses

Opening up new fields by expanding applications for our core technologies

In the coming decades, we believe society will continue to expect more from SCREEN Group technologies and require them to play ever greater roles.
We are fully committed to developing our core technologies to create the needed innovations. These advances will help to shape a future that we are just starting to imagine.

New Businesses
Life Sciences Energy Inspection/Measurement


Building a society where everyone can live in peace and abundance
and contributing to sustainable growth worldwide

The SCREEN Group will contribute to the sustainable development of society based on our corporate philosophy of “Sharing the Future”, “Human Resource Development” and “The Pursuit of Technology”.
We are also working to increase our Sustainable Value (social value) by actively pursuing initiatives that emphasize the environment, society and governance (ESG) and addressing the social issues identified by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Achieve any goal that challenges and motivates you!

Anyone can take on new challenges regardless of their age or position. This idea is extremely important to the whole SCREEN Group.
We respect each person’s individuality, which encourages equal and positive discussions about technology that lead to cutting-edge discoveries and new products. Our corporate culture and environment are two of SCREEN’s key features and our employees take great pride in them.