Contributing to Society on a Global Scale

Eiji Kakiuchi (Left)
Chairman, Member of the Board
Toshio Hiroe (Right)
President, Member of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

The SCREEN Group traces its history back over 150 years to Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works, a lithographic printing shop founded in Kyoto in 1868. In 1934, we succeeded in producing Japan's first photographic glass screens, eventually leading to our R&D division being spun off as an independent venture company in 1943 to become Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. Our corporate name actually originated with those first glass screens.

Through the years, the SCREEN Group has continued to meet the rapidly changing needs of various fields, including the electronics industry, particularly in the semiconductor and display markets, and the printing industry, our foundational business area. Our cutting-edge solutions have also enabled us to open up a range of innovative new areas. From our humble origins, we have grown steadily to become a global enterprise with numerous products that hold top shares in their respective markets.

As the SCREEN Group has grown, we have built our expertise in the areas of surface processing, direct imaging and image processing, developing them into our three core technologies. Working from this foundation, we have continued to target sustainable growth, including the development of new business opportunities, with a view to creating a strong and diversified corporate portfolio.

The SCREEN Group is constantly working to satisfy the expectations of each of our many stakeholders. We have implemented various initiatives to enhance the transparency and soundness of our operations, including, in 2014, our transition to a holding company structure with the associated change of our corporate name.

We have also committed ourselves to the promotion of CSR-based management emphasizing ESG* criteria and participation in the United Nations Global Compact. These and other initiatives have been well received by the market and society in general. Our continuing efforts to raise our corporate value have led to the Group’s inclusion in ESG investment share indices such as the prestigious JPX-Nikkei Index 400 and FTSE4Good.  We have also been certified as a Health and Productivity Management Organization by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Going forward, we will continue to focus on consistent business expansion  based on our corporate philosophies of “Sharing the Future”, “Human Resource Development” and “The Pursuit of Technology”. As always, the Group’s core goal remains the enhancement of our corporate value .

April 1, 2020

*Environment, Social and Governance
E: Create environmental value and contribute to the development of a low carbon, recycling-oriented society.
S: Promote "decent work" (worthwhile work with high personal satisfaction) and create social value.
G: Promote a system including both aggressive and defensive governance and increase the disclosure of ESG information.