The SCREEN Group promotes sustainable management that leads to higher social value by connecting business activities to the resolution of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. 
We aim to improve Sustainable Value (social value) and establish a presence that contributes to the sustainable development of society. We formulated the Sustainable Value 2023 medium-term plan to enhance social value by backcasting from the 10-year vision defined in the Management Grand Design, and identified ESG issues.
To effectively advance its ESG initiatives, we are promoting the Sustainable Value 2023 medium-term plan through the Group Risk Management Committee, the CSR Committee, and the Group EHS Committee as well as subcommittees that specialize in specific issues and problems. The persons responsible from the subject SCREEN Group companies take part in Group committees to share information and promote collaboration in Group-wide initiatives.

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(As of July 1, 2023)

  Composition*  Purpose  Agenda and number of meetings
(fiscal year ended March 31, 2023)
Risk Management Committee
  • Highest position responsible person: CEO
  • Chair: Chief Officer of Corporate Strategy
  • Members: Chairman, CFO, corporate officers of relevant departments, and presidents of business operating and functional companies
To assess changes in the environment inside and outside the SCREEN Group and conduct risk management across the Group, we comprehensively identify risks throughout the entire SCREEN Group and set key Group risks, evaluate the risks, and formulate policies to address them according to their seriousness.
  • Identification of key Group risks
  • Monitoring the management of key Group risks and investigation of essential response measures
    [2 meetings]
CSR Committee
  • Responsible person: CEO
  • Chair: Chief Officer of Sustainability Promotion
  • Members: Chairman, directors (2), corporate officers (6), corporate auditors (2), CSR officers and auditors of the business operating and functional support companies

From the viewpoint of improving social value, promoting the practice of ethical behavior of employees based on the SCREEN Group CSR Charter and Code of Conduct, respond to the SDGs, contribute to local communities, and evaluate and manage climate-related risks and opportunities.

  • Reporting and discussing on progress and issues pertaining to the CSR medium-term management plan “Sustainable Value 2023”
  • Reporting on SDGs and social contribution activities
  • Update on CSR activities of individual companies, etc.
    [2 meetings (1 meeting / half period)]
EHS Committee
  • Management supervisor: Chief Officer of Sustainability Promotion
  • Members: Director (1), HD and SCREEN Group EHS administrator and director of the EHS secretariat
Sharing, as well as pursuing ongoing improvement in, internal issues and problems related to the environment, health, and safety (EHS) and business continuity plans (BCP) at the Group.
  • Approving and revising Group companies’ EHS and BCP targets and action plans, reviewing progress and issues, and identifying and issuing improvement instructions in cases of noncompliance
  • Deliberating on proposals from subcommittees and working group
  • Management reviews and other tasks
    [3 meetings (April, November, February)]
Note: Assumed to be HD unless stated otherwise.
         The numbers in ( ) represents the number of people.