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Single Wafer Cleaner


The Evolution of
the World's No. 1* Cleaning Equipment

  • 300mm
  • Aqua spin

* Based on SCREEN in-house research

  • 24 chamber configuration24 chamber configuration
  • 6level, 4tower construction6level, 4tower construction
  • Single chamber servicingSingle chamber servicing

SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions have been developing single-wafer cleaning equipment since 1983. Since then, we have long evolved the technology by pursuing optimal treatment of the air-liquid interface on wafer surfaces. The SU-3400 inherits the stable cleaning performance of the industry-leading "SU Series" and is at the forefront of productivity and processing performance.


1. Throughput of up to 1,200 wph

Superior cleaning and processing capacity approaching that of batch-type cleaner equipment. By improving the configuration and layout of the wafer transport robots and the wafer processing chambers, we have achieved a processing capacity of 1,200 wafers per hour, leading the world in the field of single-wafer cleaning equipment.

2. Footprint reduced by 30%

Achieved a 30% footprint reduction by downsizing the 24 cleaning processing chambers of the SU-3300 and upgrading to a six-tiered tower structure.

3. Reduction of environmental load (Exhaust/Nitrogen/Chemical)

The equipment’s environmental impact has been reduced by 20% by minimizing exhaust amount by fully automating the airflow and significantly reducing chemical use by improving the cleaning nozzle and chemical circulation system.

4. Stable operation using Big Data and malfunction prevention through camera surveillance

High-resolution chamber video monitoring is available, as well as a full range of support and maintenance functions, such as malfunction detection using IoT and big data.

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