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Ellipsometric Film Thickness Measurement System


Measurement Equipment to Support Electronic Devices for loT.

  • 125mm-300mm

1. Highly precise measurement of microscopic areas

The RE-3500 offers highly precise measurement of minute areas at 40 μm square, through the use of microspot optics.

2. High throughput

The RE-3500 features a newly-developed optical head, offering twice the throughput of the previous model.

3. Spectroscopic ellipsometer

With the RE-3500, both film thickness and optical constants can be measured simultaneously. This unit is suitable for not only controlling film thickness, but also for processes in which film quality is crucial, as well as for developing new thin film materials and in the film creation process.

4. Single wavelength ellipsometer (optional)

A single wavelength ellipsometer (optional) can be used for highly precise measurement of ultra-thin films of 20 nm or less in thickness. A long-life laser diode is utilized as the light source of the single wavelength ellipsometer, reducing the running costs significantly.