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Spectroscopic Film Thickness Measurement System


High-speed mode achieves a high throughput of 160 WPH, optimal for multipoint measurement of communications devices and other products.

  • 100mm-300mm

1. The VM-2500 / VM-3500 series offers a high throughput of up to 160 wafers per hour in high-speed mode (during five-point measurement of SiO2 wafers).

2. The VM-2500 / VM-3500 series features a log function that supports improved maintenance. SCREEN has also taken advantage of its years of experience in the semiconductor industry to create a design that makes maintenance easy.

3. Recipes are easy to create, and entering optical constants is simple, thanks to SCREEN's experience in the field. The software can be controlled almost entirely using the mouse, and pen touch panel operation is also supported.

4. The Windows 10 operating system is installed as standard.

5. The VM-2500 / VM-3500 series features a space-saving, compact design that makes it easy to fit the units into existing spaces and makes production line layout much easier.

6. The VM-3500 can be optionally equipped with a trench measurement mechanism, enabling it to measure both film thickness and trench depth.