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SSi (Technical Information Service)

SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. has been providing a technical information service to our customers who use our semiconductor production -- wafer processing-- equipment all over the world since July 16, 2001. This service, called SSi (SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions information), provides the technical information both in English and Japanese, to improve customers' satisfaction.

The contents include technical information such as products up-grades, modifications, operational advice, troubleshooting and new products.

This service aims to deliver information fast and precisely to production sites of semiconductor devices. Also, it enables customers to use the information effectively and timely for optimizing their production or for planning equipment investment. SCREEN expects to build much closer relationship with customers through such offer this service.

Available information

Description Contents
Urgent announcement
  • Problem flash report and information of temporary measure(s)
Sales termination information
  • Information for discontinuation of parts and sales deadline
  • Information for permanent measure(s) against a problem
  • Software version upgrade
  • Functional upgrade information for items such as parts, functions, performance, and usage
Discontinuation of parts
  • Information related to discontinued part and provision of substitute
Expiration of repair service
  • Information of repair service period for discontinued part
  • Information related to productivity improvement
  • Updated information on maintenance
  • Precautions for quality, productivity, etc.
Discontinuation of products
  • Product discontinuation
  • Termination of product support services
  • Information related to wafer processing
Advance Announcement

Categories before November 2014
(Changed to the categories such as Urgent report and Improvement.)


Special information is indicated and classified by the following icons

Description Contents
  • Information that includes especially important content.
  • Information that the user must understand and comply with.
VE Proposal
VE Proposal
  • Information that enables more efficient equipment operation, and/or that relates to improved functionality and/or lowered costs.


Although this service will be onerous in future, it's provided free of charge at present.

Subscription or any question

Please contact to a person in charge of you.