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SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Masato Goto

With the approach of an IoT-based society, the semiconductor industry enters a new era of evolution. As a core device for the advancement and diversification of social change, the semiconductor has driven the growth of society through artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, robotics and 5G, creating an ever-expansive market and realizing a prosperous future. Concurrently, the device market requires expeditious and adaptable advancement of manufacturing equipment that responds to the transformation of semiconductors.

SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN SPE) has continuously held the number one position in the global market for semiconductor cleaning processes with a range of etching, photolithographic and image processing core technologies that we cultivated over many years. We also offer an extensive lineup from our 300mm flagship model that delivers superior performance and productivity for the cutting-edge device market to the Frontier series that handles substrates of various sizes and shapes of 200mm or less for the IoT device market and constantly working on expanding our product portfolio.

To increase our production capacity, the new S3-5 factory began operation in January 2024 at the Hikone site. The new facilities’ implement renewable energy use and liquids/water reduction in line with achieving SBT* while responding flexibly and promptly to fluctuations in demand for the equipment.

Our group celebrated our 80th anniversary in October last year. We endeavour to remain in the frontier of innovation and advancement of technology to achieve a prosperous and brighter future. We will also deliver innovative, creative solutions to our customers by providing superior manufacturing equipment that caters to their needs and contributes to their development.

We humbly ask for your ongoing support as we provide the world’s first semiconductor equipment from Kyoto, now and always.

Thank you.

*SBT (Science-Based Targets): An international initiative to set targets for CO2 emission reduction based on scientific evidence to prevent global warming.

Representative Director and President
SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Masato Goto