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SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Masato Goto

As the semiconductor industry prepares for the arrival of an IoT-based society, we are entering a new era. Semiconductors are core devices in the current transformation of our society and as such must evolve to become more sophisticated and diverse. Semiconductors will enable them to support the technologies behind these social changes, such as artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, robotics and 5G, and thereby help to create a more prosperous future, as well as a large, expanding market. At the same time, semiconductor production systems, which underpin semiconductor devices, will also require the development of a manufacturing environment that is able to respond quickly and flexibly to the ongoing shifts in society.

SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.(SCREEN SPE) has continuously held the number one position in the global market for semiconductor cleaning processes thanks to a range of core etching, photolithographic and image processing technologies we have successfully developed over many years. We have also built an extensive lineup of other equipment, including our flagship 300 mm models and Frontier series. While 300 mm systems deliver the superior functionality and productivity required by the cutting-edge device market, the Frontier series provides advanced handling of various substrate sizes and materials 200 mm and smaller for the IoT device market. We are also constantly working to expand our existing portfolio with new products.

SCREEN SPE always maintains a close relationship with each of our customers as we seek to develop new comprehensive solutions to the needs of these rapidly growing markets. These efforts are founded on strong manufacturing, and innovative manufacturing. Even in this current era of dramatic change, we are completely dedicated to sustaining our manufacturing practices and are constantly working with all members of the SCREEN Group to further refine our core technologies.

Our efforts to provide every customer with optimized solutions are guided by our “POWER of SOLUTION” concept. This approach incorporates four elements: a great desire for technological development, extensive collaboration both in and outside the company, a global service and support network and innovative productivity. We are also committed to pursuing a new level of operational excellence and in early 2019 started operations at S3 (S-Cube), a cutting-edge factory featuring advanced automation. The facility is the first step in developing a completely new type of manufacturing.

Going forward, all of us at SCREEN SPE intend to maintain our ability to provide truly original solutions based on our consistent manufacturing strength. This commitment will help us to remain at the forefront of future development as we continue to deliver the most advanced technologies and innovations to our customers. Through these efforts, we will assist our customers in expanding their business and also contribute to the creation of a brighter and more prosperous future society for all.

I would like to ask everyone for your continuing support as we grow together.

Representative Director and President
SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.
SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Masato Goto