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Parts search and ordering system S-POS

We offer a dedicated system called "S-POS", which allows for more efficient maintenance of each type of equipment that our customers have installed, and makes it possible to provide the related parts in a speedy manner. S-POS enables the integrated management of the main parts in semiconductor production equipment, such as consumable items and parts used for periodic replacement. This system uses a dedicated network, making it possible to check the current parts availability at any time. The necessary parts can be reliably identified by viewing the photos on screen, dramatically reducing human error and wasted time when placing an order. S-POS also offers a feature to automatically create quotes, useful for streamlining the work of the purchasing department.


- Convenient - Inventory search

The inventory status of approximately 25,000 of the main parts for semiconductor production equipment can be displayed in a list format. Current stock quantities and anticipated delivery dates can be checked at a glance. If an unexpected problem occurs with your equipment, the required parts can also be easily identified using photographs.

- Easy - Quote creation

A quote sheet can be created simply by entering the required parts in the shopping cart. Automatic processing eliminates any worries about human errors with orders and streamlines procedures with the purchasing department. Selected parts can also be ordered directly from your computer screen.

- Smooth - Parts management

S-POS can be accessed at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This allows orders to be placed whenever needed, even during holidays and at night, ensuring parts arrive with little waiting time (minimum of three days). With S-POS, emergency backup items are no longer necessary, helping to eliminate onsite inventories.