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Spray Coater


Flexible, Optimized Coating of MEMS with 3D Structures

  • 100-200mm

In production processes for MEMS, SAW and power devices, there has been an increasing requirement for improved handling of pattern formation and material coating of devices with 3D structures. To meet these market needs, Screen has developed the 80EX spray coater. The versatile 80EX supports a wide variety of uses ranging from research and development to large-scale production.
In creating this system, we have expanded the applications for many of the technologies underpinning our semiconductor manufacturing systems. This has produced a spray coater capable of performing flexible, optimized coating of many different materials including resists and protective films on devices with 3D structures.

1. Coating of stepped and through hole substrates

Screen's proprietary spray coating technology enables stable, uniform processing of resist and protective films on uneven stepped and through hole substrates, a result that is difficult to achieve with spin coaters.

2. Spraying of thick film coatings using minimal chemical

It coats low viscosity resist by multiple scans to create thick films, compared to a spin coater, this produces a significant reduction in chemical consumption.

3. Flexible system configuration

It is possible to construct a flexible, optimized system configuration to suit any application from research and development to mass production.

4. High throughput

The incorporation of a proprietary transfer system and multiple processing units enables it to achieve impressive throughput levels.

5. Minimal downtime thanks to simple maintenance

The structure of the Spray Coater has been specifically designed for simplicity to allow easier exchange of parts that need to be replaced during maintenance. The use of a control mechanism to limit mist dispersal also minimizes contamination inside the spray coater. Features such as these simplify maintenance and help to reduce downtime.


Wafer size φ100mm~φ200mm
Transfer system Robot transfer
Processing system Spray coating
With wafer temperature control function
Spray nozzles Chemical: up to 2 nozzles
Solvent: 1 nozzle