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Wafer Pattern Inspection System


Compact Design Offering Greater Speed and Cost Performance

  • 75mm-200mm

1. The ZI-2000 can be used in a wide variety of processes from in-process inspections in the frontend wafer process, where flexibility is demanded, to final visual inspections, where speed is of the essence.

2. The inspection head employs a proprietary lens/lighting system and a high-speed image processing engine, allowing high throughput that is unaffected by the size or number of chips on the wafer.

3. Inspection recipes can be easily created to inspect even new wafers promptly thanks to an inspection method that does not require comparison with the reference image.

4. All inspection results can be confirmed in real time. The unit's real-time ADC (Auto Defect Classification) function makes it possible to check just the results required when inspection ends.


Wafer size φ3 to φ8 inch (φ76 to φ200 mm)
Transfer Robot transfer system
Inspection method Comparative (Die to Die, Cell to Cell)
Light source RGB 3-color LED lighting (choice of 3 colors)
Optical resolution 1.5 μm×1.5 μm
4 μm×4 μm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1,400 mm × 1,250 mm × 2,030 mm