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Wafer Back-side Cleaning System


Hybrid type cleaning system combining chemical etching/cleaning functions as well as a brush cleaning function

  • 300mm

1. Hybrid cleaning

This advanced industry-first* system simultaneously performs chemical and brush cleaning for highly effective removal of particles on the back side of wafers.

2. Suppresses wafer warping

Highly controlled etching using nozzle densification processing and a chemical dispense control function produces high-precision, highly uniform etching that suppresses wafer warping.

3. Device surface protection

The proprietary chuck system securely protects the device surface of wafers, preventing etching residue along the wafer edge and chemical wraparound onto the device surface.

4. High productivity

With a space-saving 4-level stacked-tower construction and 16 processing chambers, the SB-3300 delivers an industry-leading practical back-side cleaning capacity of up to 700 WPH, including wafer reversal.


* Based on SCREEN in-house research (as of December 2020)