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Spin Scrubber


Advanced Scrubber Featuring the Same Stability and Reliability as the Highly Regarded SS Series.

  • 100mm-200mm

1. High productivity

The SS-80EX features the same advanced spin scrubber technology developed by SCREEN over many years while also delivering significantly improved functionality. High-speed processing of up to 160 wafers per hour is now possible, representing a 111%* increase over current SCREEN models.
* May vary according to system configuration and processing conditions.

2. Greater operability

The entire control system has been redesigned and now features a specialized GUI that provides simpler and more intuitive handling of operations. This translates into significant improvements in the processing efficiency of daily operations.

3. Improved stability

The SS-80EX features a proprietary detachable chamber design that dramatically cuts downtime. With this setup, maintenance procedures such as brush and pin replacement or cup cleaning can be performed on stopped chambers while the others continue to operate.

4. Diverse cleaning tools

Six types of highly reliable and proven cleaning tools are available, providing support for a wide range of different goals and applications. An enhanced bevel cleaning function provides high-precision movement and control of brushes. This technology has proven to be highly effective for improving yield rates.

5. Flexible configuration

The basic two head specification can be expanded to accommodate up to six heads according to space and performance requirements. This allows flexible expansion of a system even after installation.