Biodiversity Action Guidelines

1.We affirm the importance of conserving biodiversity and are striving both to educate our employees and present information to outside parties about it.

2.We are pursuing the following efforts so that we may benefit from diverse living beings and achieve a sustainable society.

(1) Checks on global warming 
   Curtailing the volume of CO2 emissions from our products,
   activities and services
(2) Promoting a recycling-oriented society
   Reducing the volume of final waste disposal and promoting the three Rs
(3) Direct efforts at conserving biodiversity
   Protecting habitats and conserving species
   Taking biodiversity into account in the procuring of raw materials

3.We will work toward the purification of water quality in order to protect the water environment.

4.In order to conserve the natural environments adjacent to our plants and offices, we will strive to protect the environment in concert with activities in those local communities.

5.We will take biodiversity into account when building new plants, engaging in major expansion and renovation efforts, and continuing our development work.