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2019 190122.jpg Completes S3-3, New Manufacturing Facility for Semiconductor Production Equipment at Hikone Plant.
190201.jpg Switches Electricity Used at Headquarters Facilities to 100% Green Energy.
190215.jpg Develops Advanced 24 Page CtP Systems Featuring Industry-leading Productivity.
190220-1.jpg Receives the Award for Excellence at the 22nd Environmental Communication Awards.
190301.jpg Certified as a 2019 Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500), for the second consecutive year.
190318.jpg Receives the highest evaluation (three stars) from the Shiga Prefecture certification program for biodiversity measures.
190319.jpg SCREEN Delivers SK-3033G Coater/developer for 10.5 Generation Glass Substrates to Key Customers.
190325.png Hiragino is adopted by Sourcenext Corporation as the font for its Pocketalk TM W translation device.
hiroe.jpg Toshio Hiroe is appointed President, Member of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.
190701.jpg Truepress Jet520HD is recognized as the only inkjet system able to produce quality equaling an offset press in a survey conducted by a US research organization.
190710.jpg Hiragino is selected by Miyako Hotels & Resorts as its brand-designated font.
190719.jpg Succeeds in builting an internal organ perfusion system to support transplant surgery.
Supplies additional funding to venture company developing cell/microorganism research devices.
Concludes a business partnership agreement with Oryzae LLC related to font development.
190912.jpg Develops New Digital Label Press Featuring Cutting-edge Color Reproduction and Scalability.
191010-1.png Hikone Plant's new production plant S3-3, received the "Shiga Prefecture Low Carbon Society Creation Award".
191018.png Launches High-speed Digital Press with Enhanced Drying Performance.
2020 hst2020_0114-1.jpg Agreement is signed with Applied Materials to collaborate at the META Center.
hst2020_0114-2.jpg Comprehensive partnership agreement for regional revitalization is signed with Kyoto Prefecture.
hst2020_0316.jpg Comprehensive partnership agreement is signed with Kyoto University of Advanced Science at Nagamori Institute of Actuators to develop world-class human resources originating from Kyoto.
hst2020_0403.jpg Science Based Targets initiative approves our plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.
hst2020_0520-2rr.jpg Truepress PAC 830F high-speed, water-based inkjet system is developed for flexible packaging.
hst2020_0520-1.jpg Enhanced lineup is launched for the package printing market as part of our strategic business plan.
hst2020_0526.jpg Truepress Jet520HD mono high-speed monochrome model is added to the Truepress Jet520HD series.
MBA education program is launched as part of our industry-academia alliance with Doshisha Business School.
Agreement related to comprehensive technology exchanges is signed with Kyoto Institute of Technology.
hst2020_0625.jpg SP-2100 spin processor is launched for single wafer cleaning, delivering exceptional cost performance for a wide range of compound wafers.
hst2020_0709.jpg Selected as one of the 2020 Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100 by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
hst2020_0713.jpg UV inkjet system is developed for the aluminum rolls for PTP sheets to improve traceability by adding variable information for individual pharmaceutical packages.
hst2020_0727.jpg New Cell3iMager duos2 imaging and analysis system for cell morphology is developed to support R&D related to drug discovery and regenerative medicine.
hst2020_0730.jpg Awarded the top prize at the 64th Kyoto Inventors Award.
hst2020_1021.jpg High-spec Ledia Twin direct imaging system is developed for PCBs.
hst2020_1027.jpg Agreement is signed with Horizon to jointly develop an AI solution for smart factories.
Indoor navigation function is rolled out for the PinnAR augmented reality (AR) navigation app.
hst2020_1112.jpg SK-F1500H coater/developer is launched for the forming process of color filters for rollable and foldable OLED displays.
hst2020_1208-1.jpg SS-3300S scrubber type single wafer cleaning system is developed with industry-leading productivity.
hst2020_1208-2.jpg Industry-first SB-3300 hybrid type wafer back-side cleaning system is developed with both chemical and brush cleaning functions.
hst2020_1210.jpg Received the Excellent Production Support Award from TSMC.
2021 hst2021_wcmsmark.jpg Becomes the first corporation in Kyoto to register for Whistleblowing Compliance Management System certification (self-declaration of conformity and registration system).
Launches joint initiatives with Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine to accelerate precision medicine with multiplex immunohistochemistry in combination with AI image analysis.
hst2021_white500.gif Certified as a 2021 Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500).
Signs first corporate agreement for sustainability linked loan in Kyoto region promoting measures to address climate change from a financial perspective.
Selected for NEDO project to develop semiconductor front-end process technologies for Post-5G communication systems.
hst2021_omnito.jpg Finalizes development of OMNITO+, a new model for our range of inkjet printing systems for tablets that enables fully automated production.
Agrees with Tokyo Gas to jointly develop a water electrolysis cell stack for low-cost green hydrogen production.
hst2021_TP PAC830F.jpg Receives the Research Announcement Encouragement Prize from the Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology for “Improving the quality of inkjet printing on flexible packaging by applying image processing technologies”.
Cooperates in the delivery of around 8,000 units of COVID-19 vaccine as part of a workplace immunization program.
hst2021_aisida_hatumeihyosho.jpg Honorary Adviser Akira Ishida receives an Invention Promotion Prize in the 2021 Japan National Commendation for Invention Awards.
hst_2021_afi.jpg Develops ELESTA® CROSSORTER®, an industry-first system for label-free cell sorting and analysis with AFI Corporation.
hst_2021_kanryu.jpg Successfully resuscitates organs from a donor after long-time circulation death ex vivo in collaboration with the Keio University School of Medicine.
SCREEN Advanced System Solutions forms a capital and business alliance with Laboro.AI, a venture company that develops AI technologies.
hst2021_kyotoparte.jpg Establishes Kyoto Parte at SCREEN head office to promote the employment of people with disabilities.
Concludes an agreement with Kyoto Women’s University related to comprehensive alliance and cooperation in areas including data science.
hst2021_Ledia7.jpg Develops Ledia 7F, a high-resolution model of the direct imaging system for printed circuit boards.
hst2021_SP-2100.jpg Honored at 2021 Semiconductor of the Year Awards. SP-2100 spin processor is recognized for its outstanding cost performance.
Partners with PHC Corporation of North America to promote 3D live cell imaging in North America.
hst2021_zeroemichlg2021.png Selected as one of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Zero Emission Challenge Companies.
hst2021_chokansho-1.jpg Receives the Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office Award in the 2021 Kinki Invention Awards for our Invention of UV-LED multiple wavelength exposure-type direct imaging equipment.
Launches research project with AFI Corporation and Kyo Diagnostics K.K. to deliver innovative personalized cancer therapies.
hst_2021_TCFD.jpg Announces support for the recommendations published by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).