Renewing our commitment to Shi Kou Ten Kai and innovation

2005 Established DNS Feats (Taiwan) Co., Ltd., a group company that handles maintenance for electronics industry equipment in Taiwan.
2005_02.jpg Released multi-purpose 'Mercurex' direct imaging system for printed circuit boards.
Successfully developed world's first discriminatory coating technology for organic electroluminescent material. Unique new technology enabled larger-size substrates to be used in next generation displays.
2005_03.gif Established a new group company, Miyako LinkRing Co., Ltd., to handle dispatching of personnel. Employees are assigned as necessary to accommodate worker lifestyles.
Acquired Inca Digital Printers Ltd. Acquisition linked innovative wide format digital inkjet specialist with world's leading manufacturer of equipment for the digital prepress, printing, semiconductor and flat panel display industries.
Released next generation 300 mm automated wet station 'FC-3100', providing enhanced technology and significantly reduced manufacturing and installation times.
Masahiro Hashimoto was appointed President and Representative director (COO).
2005_04.gif Established a new group company FASSE Co., Ltd. in the semiconductor production equipment field, to handle everything from production of cleaning equipment to delivery and installation.
'Hiragino Font' won the Good Design Award 2005.
Launched of new 150 WPH 'RF3i (R-F cube-eye)' immersion coat-develop track includes immersion process lithocluster in the Netherlands.
Established a commemorative monument at headquarters, the former site of Zuikoin Temple, which once housed the hair of the 46 Ako Ronin.
2006 2006_02.jpg Established a new group company Gerant Co., Ltd. to handle facilities management. Independent facilities management increases efficiency and enhance facilities.
2006_03.jpg Established Screen Group's largest R&D base, White Canvas Rakusai. Technology development functions concentrated in one place to increase synergy between different teams.
Received Intel's prestigious Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award.
2006_04.gif Applied Materials and Screen signed final agreement to form SOKUDO Co. Ltd., joint venture company.
2006_05.jpg Published 'Innovation that makes it possible to expand on and exceed one's core business' (Nikkei BP Planning, Inc.), a volume on Chairman and CEO Akira Ishida's management attitudes.
Jet520SED_300r.jpg First SCREEN inkjet printing system, Truepress Jet520, released.
2006_07.jpg Construction of new factory 'CS-1' for flat panel display manufacturing equipment completed.
Facility supports production and quality testing of manufacturing equipment for 8th and future generation glass substrates.
2006_08.jpg Construction of new production factory 'Fab.FC-2' for semiconductor manufacturing equipment completed. It was built to meet increased demand for wafer cleaning equipment.
2006_09.jpg Released a new single-wafer cleaning system 'SU-3100'. Up to 8 built-in chambers and superior 300 wafer per hour productivity.
2007 2007_02.jpg Released an entry-level thermal CtP model 'PlateRite Niagara' for emerging markets. It is a high cost-performance printing plate recorder suitable for the demands of the BRICs markets.
2007_03.gif Established a new group company MEBACS Co., Ltd., which handles maintenance for printed circuit board production equipment. Company's mobility allows it to meet a wide variety of customer needs.
Started to use ships to transport semiconductor and LCD production equipment.Total CO2  emissions created during distribution of goods reduced by 30%.
2007_04.jpg Developed inkjet printing systems 'Truepress Jet650UV' and 'Truepress Jet2500UV' for specialized printing uses and enters inkjet printer market in earnest. By developing new applications of inkjet printing, Screen expands the reach of its business.
2007_06.jpg Released next-generation single wafer cleaning system 'SS-3100'. It features eight chambers and takes up less space, while offering the industry's highest levels of productivity.
2007_07.gif Established a software development company in Hokkaido, as a wholly owned group company.
New company 'S. Ten Nines Sapporo' handles the creation of test environments for semiconductor production equipment.
Received the Logistic Environment Grand Prize for its maritime transportation system, which reduces CO2  emissions by 30%. First such award for industrial equipment transport in Kyoto.
Won 'Supplier Excellence Award' for the 2nd consecutive year from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd(TSMC).
2008 2008_01.gif Established the Welfare Center at Hikone Plant. Aiming to enhance technological development and increase production capacity through provision of comprehensive support for employees.
2008_02.gif Achieved level 3 of CMMI, an international standard for software development processes.
2008_03.gif Wafer annealing system 'LA-3000-F' received Japan Machinery Federation Chairman's Award for energy-efficient equipment. Instantaneous heating technology that consumes less than one-third the electricity of conventional systems received recognition.
Opened a digital printing showroom 'Media Square Kyoto' featuring inkjet technology, at our Kumiyama Plant.
2008_04.gif Received 'Supplier Outstanding Award' from UMC (Taiwan).
2008_06.gif Opened Screen Station on the Ohmi Railway within the grounds of Hikone Plant. Greater frequency of direct trains between Hikone and Taga Taisha-mae Stations improves convenience for regular passengers.
2008_07.gif Established an R&D base for semiconductor manufacturing processes 'Process Technology Center', at Hikone Plant. It was a beginning of full-scale efforts to further enhance world-leading wafer cleaning technology.
Received 'Preferred Quality Supplier Award' from Intel Corporation (USA).
2008_08.gif Received 'Gold Supplier Award' from Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing (Singapore).
2008_09.gif Developed next-generation sheet-fed inkjet printing technology. Released the world's first A2-wide sheet-fed inkjet printer 'Truepress Jet SX'.
Acquired Silicon Light Machines (USA). Merger of world-leading optical technologies.
2008_11.gif Completed full scale entry into the photovoltaic industry. Committed to the creation of new business through the application and development of existing proprietary technologies.
Opened a general training facility 'Global Training Center' for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, at Yasu Plant, aiming to fortify training programs to produce skilled, practical engineers as part of efforts to further enhance customer satisfaction.
Developed world's first 300-mm semiconductor wafer cleaning equipment with zero VOC emissions. This incorporates dry-air drying technology to dramatically reduce running costs and environmental impact.
2009 Screen achieved over 60% global share in single-wafer cleaning systems.
2009_05.jpg Direct patterning system received the fifth JPCA award from the Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association.
Screen earned 2008 top global share in LCD manufacturing equipment market for coater/developers, wet etchers, and resist strippers.
2009_06.jpg Released high-quality Hiragino Chinese fonts certified by the Chinese government.
Screen won “Best Delivery Support Award” from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (TSMC)
2010 facade-201003.gif “Truepress Jet2500UV UV” inkjet printing system was used to create the facade of the Osaka Pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai China. Screen collaborated in create a replica of the “Folding screen illustrating Osaka during the Toyotomi period”.
CW-1500-201006.gif Development of the “CW-1500” wafer cleaning system for manufacturing green devices. Full-scale entry into environmental technology fields including LEDs and power devices.
Screen became the world’s first recipient of the ISO 50001 energy management system.
Development of the SU-3200 single wafer cleaning system, which is able to spray chemical to achieve individual wafer cleaning.
ZI-2000-201011.gif “ZI-2000” wafer pattern inspection system developed.
Levicoater_300-201012.gif “Levicoater”, a new coating system for large glass substrates in LCD manufacturing, developed.
Hiragino font employed for Japanese type on expressway signs (in Japan).
2011 Screen launched new corporate vision: “Fit your needs, Fit your future”.
PlateRiteHD8900_72.jpg “PlateRite HD 8900” series launched as a flagship series of 8-page thermal CtP models.
mon-naka_1_72.jpg Opening of WHITE CANVAS MON-NAKA, a new solution demonstration base for the printing equipment business.
MTMC_new_plant_72.jpg Completion of construction of a new plant at the Dainippon Screen MT (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. printing equipment manufacturing subsidiary in Hangzhou, China for serving growing demand from emerging markets.
terahertz_72.jpg Screen andOsakaUniversitycollaborated to achieve world-first success in visualization of terahertz waves in solar cell power generation.
Ledia_5_72.jpg Release of “Ledia 5”, the industry’s fastest direct imaging system for printed circuits.
SS-3200_72.jpg Launch of the “SS-3200” single wafer cleaning system with the world’s top productivity.
award_ceremony_72.jpg Screen won “Environmental Excellence Award” from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.(TSMC)
2012 ecoship_1_72.jpg Screen accredited with an “Eco-ship mark” and received the “Chief Award” from Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Maritime Bureau.
JSPST_Award_72.jpg "Truepress Jet520” full-color variable printing system received Fiscal 2012 Science and Technology Award from the Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology.
Screen received the “2011 TI Supplier Excellence Award” from Texas Instruments Incorporated.
TP-JW1632UV_72.jpg Launch of “Truepress Jet W1632UV” inkjet printing system for the sign and display industry.
TP-JL350UV_72.jpg Screen developed “Truepress Jet L350UV” inkjet label printing system offering both high throughput and high imaging quality.
SU-2000(4ch)_72_sn.jpg Release of “SU-2000” single-wafer cleaning system for ultra-thin substrate wafers.
2013 Screen received the "Preferred Quality Supplier Award" from Intel Corporation (USA).
4 JPCA Award_300-1.jpg "FP-9000" received the 9th JPCA Award from Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association.
6 CC-5000_300-1.jpg Launch of Cell3iMager, high-speed three-dimensional cell culture scanner. Entry into the life sciences field.