Expanding into the electronics field

1974 The company's first European subsidiary, Dainippon Screen (U.K.) Ltd., is established.
1975 1975_01.gif Sales begin for the EMW-322/411 wafer etching machine.
Tape carrier system that fully automates the IC and LSI chip mounting process is released.
1977 1977_01.gif Together with Elna Ltd., the company develops the world's largest fully automatic PCB production line.
1978 First overseas convertible bond (SFr20 million) is issued. This capital is used for expansion overseas and for upgrading domestic operations.
Dainippon Screen (Deutschland) GmbH is established as a sales and service base in continental Europe.
1978_01.gif The SCW-421 photoresist coating spinner for semiconductor production is developed.
1979 Dainippon Screen Singapore Pte. Ltd. is established.
1980 Together with Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., the company develops a system that directly inputs video image signals (stored on video tape) to a scanner and then outputs as four-color film.
1981 1981_01.gif The company develops the Sigma Graph System 2000, the first image processing system produced in Japan. This system is the forerunner of Dainippon Screen's subsequent page makeup systems.
Dainippon Screen (Nederland) B.V. is established.
1983 Dainippon Screen (Hong Kong) Ltd. is established.
1984 Dainippon Screen Engineering of America Inc. is established to service graphic arts equipment.
The Beijing Representative Office is opened.
1985 Dainippon Screen Engineering of Europe Co., Ltd., is established to service graphic arts equipment.
The Shanghai Representative Office is opened.
1985_01.gif The Rakusai Plant, a state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing semiconductor production equipment, is constructed.
1987 Dainippon Screen (Australia) Pty. Ltd. is established.
1988 A majority equity interest is acquired in Island Graphics Corp., a U.S. software company.
Dainippon Screen's global network spans four continents and numbers more than 20 offices.