RBA(Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct

The SCREEN Group has identified the top 200 business partners with the largest transaction value as important suppliers.The SCREEN Group formulated the SCREEN Supplier Code of Conduct* in accordance with the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct. As a CSR code of conduct for the supply chain, it is available on our website for our suppliers to learn and abide by. We also ask all important suppliers to submit an agreement form.
To determine our suppliers’ level of compliance with the SCREEN Supplier Code of Conduct, we conducted a supply chain CSR survey with important suppliers in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021. Our survey focused on human rights and labor issues, such as harassment, foreign laborers, and slave, forced, and child labor. The survey indicated that we have no problems in these areas.
The SCREEN Supplier Code of Conduct explicitly states our policy on conflict minerals. Our supplier survey has a section to determine whether suppliers are dealing in conflict minerals.
*RBA (Responsible Business Alliance): An alliance encompassing the electronic device, IT, toy, and automotive industries, which establishes rules and regulations related to human rights, health and safety, ethics, the environment, and other concerns