Supplier Relationship

Procurement Policy

Based on "Open and fair Trade" as a basic policy, we are developing procurement activities that are conscious of "partnership" and "CSR procurement".
By "visualizing" the process of determining the supplier, we are realizing a swift and fair deal. We regularly conduct seminars on subcontracting laws for person in charge of purchase on the Group, conduct voluntary inspections, and thoroughly observe the subcontracting law. We are thoroughly in compliance even in purchasing professional education.
Meanwhile, we are working to strengthen our supply chain in an effort to prevent supply disruptions in the event of major disasters and other contingencies.

◆Open and Fair Trade: Pursue Fair and Equitable Procurement Activities
On the principle of fair, equitable, and free competition on the international basis, we seek out a wide range of excellent suppliers, evaluate and select suppliers from the viewpoint of quality, cost, delivery schedule, risk management, technical capability, environment, etc. We are also willing to consider proposals from our suppliers.

◆Partnership: Promote Mutual Growth Based on Mutual Trust
We believe that close communication is essential to building better partnership with suppliers. We endeavor to promote mutual growth through sound business based on mutual trust.

◆CSR Procurement: Efforts of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
As our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, we have established the SCREEN Supplier Code of Conduct for suppliers, and ask them to contribute to the development of supply chains.

Communication with Suppliers

The SCREEN Group creates a variety of opportunities for dialogue with suppliers in order to forge stronger relationships built upon collaboration, trust, and mutual development. In the first quarter of each fiscal year, we provide our major suppliers with the SCREEN Group’s financial statement, an overview of the Group’s business situation, our medium-term business plan, and other relevant information. The 2019 SCREEN Holdings financial results briefing held on May 10, 2019 was attended by 180 of our major suppliers in commercial products, processed goods, design, software, and assembly. In the third quarter, all major Group business operating companies discussed their detailed business plans and engaged in information sharing with suppliers. 

2019 SCREEN Holdings financial results briefing (May 10, 2019)
Another briefing for our major suppliers was planned in mid-May, but this was cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19.

Green Procurement Standards

The SCREEN Group's Green Procurement Standards oblige us to require the following from those supplying us with parts, materials, or entire units.

  1. Suppliers are required to submit the "Memorandum of Understanding to the SCREEN Group's Environmental Initiative".
  2. Suppliers are required to have some sort of environmental management system initiative.
  3. Suppliers are required to provide us with information on the chemical contents in the products they sell to the SCREEN Group, as well as the amounts of these chemicals present.
  4. Suppliers are required to submit the "Declaration of Non-Use of Prohibited Substances".
Green Procurement Standards 13th Edition 85KB
Table 1: List of the Declarable Substances 116KB
Appendix 1: Declaration of Non-Use of Prohibited Substances (1)
Appendix 2: Declaration of Non-Use of Prohibited Substances (2) 110KB
Appendix 3: Memorandum of Understanding to the SCREEN Group's Environmental Initiative 125KB
Appendix 4: Green Procurement Environmental Conservation Activity Questionnaire 209KB