Supplier Relationship

In order to facilitate the sharing of more business-based information, for the year ended March 31, 2021, business policy briefing sessions aimed at suppliers were held for each operating company amidst COVID-19 pandemic conditions, including SPE, FT and GA/PE joint sessions. At each session, the SCREEN Holdings president (CEO) and each company president provided an explanation of the Value Up 2023 medium-term management plan and of business policy and direction. For SPE, around 280 companies participated in the video stream, during which it was conveyed to them how important it is to SCREEN that a cooperative framework be maintained which will help ensure stable production of semiconductor production equipment.
Also, the SCREEN Group has created a SCREEN Supplier Code of Conduct (in accordance with the RBA*1) as a CSR code of conduct for the supply chain; it is available on our website and suppliers are asked to abide by it. In particular, we ask our major suppliers*2 to sign and submit a declaration of consent. And in order to ascertain the status of compliance with Supplier Code of Conduct, during the year ended March 31, 2021, a supply chain CSR survey was conducted for all major suppliers of operating companies. This survey was centered on human rights and labor-related issues pertaining to harassment, foreign labor, slavery, forced labor and child labor, and the conclusion of the survey is that none of the suppliers present any risk with regard to any of these. The SCREEN Supplier Code of Conduct explicitly states our policy on conflict minerals, and we work to assess supplier use of conflict minerals by administering a supplier survey and adopting the CMRT*3.

*1 Responsible Business Alliance
*2 The top 200 suppliers by transaction value
*3 Conflict Minerals Reporting Template

Supply Chain Management