Issues and goals have been identified based on the results of the previous CSR medium-term plan and predictions about future global trends and societal changes.

Reduce environmental impact through business

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Material Issues Goals for FY2024
Reduce CO2 emissions from business activities Reduce CO2 emissions by 10% (compared with FY2019), and by 30% by the end of FY2030 as SBT* (Scope 1, 2)
Reduce CO2 emissions due to products

Reduce CO2 emissions from use of sold products by 8% (compared with FY2019), and by 20% by the end of FY2030 as SBT* (Scope 3)

Reduce waste (promote recycling) Reduce waste by 5% in intensity per unit weight of product shipments (compared with FY2019)
Effective use of water resources Reduce water withdrawal(for tap water, industrial use,etc.)by 5% in intensity per product shipments (compared with FY2019)
Preserve biodiversity Continue and expand forest and biodiversity preservation efforts

Create a great place to work and involve in solving social issues

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Material Issues Goals for FY2024
Hire and develop diverse human resources Expand internships, year-round hiring, and measures (training and environmental) that facilitate development of diverse human resources
Systems and measures that provide a tangible sense of growth Revise personnel system to facilitate human resource development
Sustainable new work styles Carry out operational reform and innovation, as well as develop systems and environments that foster work styles resilient to environmental change
Health and well-being initiatives Reduce rate of sick leave days (0.68% or less)
Eliminate occupational accidents Achieve zero occupational accidents causing four or more working days to be lost
Be a scandal-free company Prevent corruption, eliminate compliance violations, and achieve zero IT-related accidents / incidents
Industry-academia-government collaborations to address challenges facing society Promote collaboration with the government, educational institutions, and others in pursuing various joint operations
Activities that nurture the next generation Undertake more robust efforts to support the development of children and students

Strengthen risk management and business continuity plan

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Material Issues Goals for FY2024
Group risk management Identify risks to corporate value and minimize their impact
CSR initiatives in the Supply Chain Pursue ongoing strengthening of the supply chain structure, including widespread adoption of the code of conduct, procurement practices, and BCP
Resilience to increasingly more severe natural disasters Improve the resilience of the Group BCP structure in the face of increasingly diverse disaster risks

*SBT (Science Based Targets): An international initiative to combat global warming, which calls for the establishment of scientifically based CO2 emission reduction targets