The SCREEN Group has formulated basic policies in seven fields of human resource management (employment, evaluation, treatment, personnel development, use of human resources, labor‒management relationship, and work environment). These policies are in line with our corporate philosophy and founded on the pillars of the SCREEN Group CSR Charter / Code of Conduct and SCREEN Group Code of Management.
Under these policies, we strive to create an environment where a diversity of employees can maximize their talents and enjoy rewarding work.

Code of Human Resources Management

Under our Basic Philosophy on developing human resources over the medium to long term, we have set forth the concept of personnel development, the definition of ideal personnel and basic policies for personnel development plan. The goal is for all Group employees to become solution creators and thus boost establishing SCREEN’s presence as solution creator.
Through these basic philosophy and policies, we are promoting growth of human resources at all levels, deepening understanding of the concepts of our medium-term management plan and thus aiming to develop the next generation of management personnel who have the Group’s management perspective.

Concept of Personnel Development

It represents the relationship between "organization" and "individual" which we aim for in the formation of solution creators.


Ideal Personnel

Personnel Development Plan Basic Policies

We have declared five basic policies, and are deploying systems and measures for their achievement.

Human Resources