Implementation of Management Systems (as Integrated MS)

The SCREEN Group has obtained certification of four management systems and implements an integrated management system consisting of “Environmental management (E)”, “Health management (H)” and “Disaster prevention and Safety (S)”. We manage various risks and opportunities in a comprehensive manner. These risks and opportunities include climate change, the increasingly stringent international environmental regulations, an increasing need for products with low environmental impact, a rise in occupational safety risks as products become larger, the growing complexity in managing the health of workers as types of employment diversify, and the risk of businesses or the supply chain being interrupted due to natural disasters. 

About Environmental, Health and Safety

1. The SCREEN Group will endeavor to achieve the following objectives based on its CSR Charter.

A : Reduce the load on the environment and preserve biodiversity
B : Deliver products that take safety and the global environment into
C : Eliminate any workplace accidents that might require shutdowns of four or
more days
D : Improve ability to cope with major disasters
E : Maintain a healthy work environment and prevent illnesses

2. We will work toward being able to make certain use of the information and resources necessary toward achieving our objectives.

3.We will comply with laws and regulations as we respond to the expectations of our stakeholders.

We will identify sources of hazards and get control of affairs as related to the environment and energy issues in our work to adhere both to laws and
regulations and to the covenants we have with our stakeholders.

4.We will create an EHS management system, maintain it, and regularly review it.

Furthermore, to be ready for natural disasters we will enact a business
continuity management process that follows the following basic items.
(1) We will place utmost priority on the safety of our employees and their
(2) We will fulll our responsibilities to provide our customers with products
and services.

5.We will make all of our employees aware of our activities through training and publicity programs.

6.These policies will be publicized both inside the company and out.

About Biodiversity

1.We affirm the importance of preserving biodiversity, and are striving both to educate our employees and present information to outside parties about it.

2.We are pursuing the following efforts so that we may benefit from diverse living beings and achieve a sustainable society.

①Checks on Global Warming

  • Curtailing the volume of CO2 emissions from our products, activities, and services

②Promoting a recycling-oriented society

  • Reducing the volume of final waste disposals, promoting the 3Rs

③Direct efforts at preserving biodiversity

  • Protecting habitats and preserving species
  • Taking biodiversity into account in the procuring of raw materials

3.We will work toward the purification of water quality in order to protect the water environment.

4.In order to preserve the natural environments adjacent to our plants and offices, we will strive to protect the environment in concert with activities in those local communities.

5.We will take biodiversity into account when building new plants, engaging in major expansion and renovation efforts, and in our development work.