1. The SCREEN Group will endeavor to achieve the following objectives based on its CSR Charter.

A : Reduce the load on the environment and preserve biodiversity
B : Deliver products that take safety and the global environment
   into consideration
C : Eliminate any workplace accidents that might require shutdowns
   of four or more days
D : Improve ability to cope with major disasters
E : Maintain a healthy work environment and prevent illnesses

2.We will work toward being able to make certain use of the information and resources necessary toward achieving our objectives.

3.We will comply with laws and regulations as we respond to the expectations of our stakeholders.

We will identify sources of hazards and get control of affairs as related to the environment and energy issues in our work to adhere both to laws and regulations and to the covenants we have with our stakeholders.

4.We will create an EHS management system, maintain it, and regularly review it. In addition, we use a business continuity management process based on the following principles to ensure natural disaster preparedness.

(1) We will place utmost priority on the safety of our employees and
   their families.
(2) We will fulfill our responsibilities to provide our customers with
   products and services.

5.We will make all of our employees aware of our activities through training and publicity programs.

6.These policies will be publicized both inside the company and out.

The SCREEN Group’s environmental management (E), health management (H), and disaster safety (S) have earned certification as an integrated management system under the following four management system standards: ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 50001 (energy), ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety), and ISO 22301 (business continuity). We take a comprehensive approach to managing a variety of risks and opportunities, including climate change, strengthening of international environmental regulations, growing demand for products with low environmental impacts, heightened work safety risks posed by larger products, increasing complexity of employee health management due to diversifying employment arrangements, and business and supply chain interruptions caused by the effects of natural disasters.