High-quality MEA by proprietary mass production technology




Fuel cells, which produce energy from hydrogen and do not emit CO2, are expected as an earth-friendly energy source. They are used in a variety of applications, including fuel cell vehicles (FCV) and stationary fuel cells.

SCREEN started developing mass production technologies for MEAs in 2013, and established a proprietary high-quality production process by combining the group's expertise.


1. Direct coating and drying the electrode catalyst on the electrolyte membranes

Utilizing the technology and know-how cultivated in the Coater/Developer for displays with the world's top share, SCREEN has successfully invented this technology, which had been considered impossible.

Continuous roll-to-roll production of electrode films provides extremely high productivity.


CCM Production Process with Direct Coating and Drying

2. Established proprietary mass production technology

Since 2013, SCREEN have continued to participate in collaborative Industry-Academia-Government R&D projects* and established its own MEA mass production technology.
*Collaborative Industry-Academia-Government R&D Project for Solving Common Challenges Toward Dramatically Expanded Use of Fuel Cells and Related Equipment, led by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).


3. Combination of SCREEN group's expertise

SCREEN have established a high-quality MEA mass production process by combining the group's expertise in areas such as coating, inking, lamination and film cutting.



Product specifications



Electrical characteristics (reference data)

Standard MEA 
・BoL-focused product

High durability MEA 
・Product focused on high durability
・DOE catalyst durability requirement cleared


Introduction of mass production system

The production equipment is fully installed in our Hikone plant.
Please look forward to the new standard of MEA by an equipment manufacturer.

  • Capacity of CCM 300,000m2/year, MEA (w/o GDL) 100,000m2/year
  • Complete traceability with ID code printing
  • Records 1,200 parameters and setting data on the production line and links them with IDs
  • The production line installed in a clean room under 50% humidity control
Part of the MEA production line

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