OMNITO inkjet printing system for tablets

Advanced inkjet technologies for tablet printing

OMNITO brings together our top technologies for 360° visual inspection, double-sided printing and print inspection to deliver outstanding quality. This is a truly all in one system that incorporates ink drying and powder removal/collection systems, as well as a tablet transfer blower. These features provide higher value added printing at a lower cost.


Full color printing technologies

Installation of up to four high-precision inkjet printheads

OMNITO’s 600 dpi piezo inkjet system delivers superior print quality. Its printheads provide optimized dispense for any application, including pigment and dye inks, ensuring consistently sharp and stable printing.
Cleaning of the inside of printheads and ink replacement are both unnecessary with OMNITO. This enables a smooth transition between a wide range of tablets.


High-precision, high-performance visual inspection

Standard installation of visual inspection system (also for sides)

High-precision cameras thoroughly inspect the front, rear and sides of each tablet. The system accurately detects any issues such as cracking, chipping or black spots (foreign particles). It is also able to simultaneously detect the presence and angle of any scored line on the tablet and measure the tablet’s position. Based on this data, it can then execute printing of a wide range of information along the scored line (when one is found).

Standard inspection values can be set as desired and easily reviewed and adjusted whenever necessary. The system can also be further optimized to meet any customer needs. Rejected tablets are displayed on the monitor, ensuring highly effective quality management.


Space-saving design

OMNITO features a more compact design with the blower and powder collection unit incorporated into the main body.

Compared to previous models, the tablet loading port has been changed so it is in a lower position while the unloading port is higher than before. This has made it easier for OMNITO to link with pre and postprocessing systems. The new design also helps to significantly reduce the footprint of the overall production line.