DP-i1000 compact inkjet printing system for tablets

Ideal for the creation of tablet samples for design and printing evaluations

Along with size, shape, color and gloss, full name printing has become an increasingly important requirement in tablet design as dispensing facilities seek to improve the inspection efficiency of prescription medications used in unit dose packaging.
This need can now be met by inkjet printing systems. The presses allow manufacturers to satisfy the requirements of dispensing facilities, offering an ideal business strategy.
Manufacturers are also seeking an effective way of performing trials to evaluate the stability of tablets, including inks, during pharmaceutical production. The DP-i1000 compact inkjet printing system for tablets is the perfect device when conducting standards-based evaluations and trials of tablet designs, output efficiency and pharmaceutical stability.
The DP-i1000 enables the performance of quick, easy and above all reliable assessments without using normal production equipment. Its compact size also makes it an optimal choice for laboratories at manufacturing research facilities.


Compact inkjet system for tablets suitable for a wide range of applications

Evaluation of tablet design and printing performance

•Samples can easily be created in-house for the examination of full name printing patterns with different character counts, positioning and densities.
•Evaluations can be performed for light resistance, drying properties, adherence and other factors affecting the printing performance of tablets and inks.

Trials of pharmaceutical stability

•Fixed quantities of samples can be printed quickly as required when assessing the impact of accelerated testing on tablets.

Identification of investigational drugs

•Codes used to identify investigational new drugs can be printed with ease.

Easier, more efficient operation

Intuitive, user-friendly operation panel

The entire workflow from recipe setting to output of printing instructions and log management can easily be performed while viewing the monitor.

Simple and reliable tablet setting

Up to 48 tablets can be set in the DP-i1000 at one time regardless of their shape. During output, high-precision cameras automatically detect the positions of scored lines on tablets, enabling printing to be performed based on their individual directions and angles.