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Kyoto, Japan – March 27, 2024 – SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. and SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. have received the Okochi Memorial Production Prize during the 70th annual award ceremony sponsored by the Okochi Foundation.

Award ceremony

The Okochi Prizes are awarded annually to researchers and companies, etc., to acknowledge outstanding contribution to R&D in the fields of production engineering and production technology in Japan. SCREEN was awarded the Okochi Memorial Production Prize, which is given to enterprises which have made a major industrial achievement based on excellent invention or design in production technology and advanced production methods, etc.

This was the first time we received this award, on the account of developing wafer cleaning equipment, which contributed to the miniaturization and productivity improvement of semiconductor devices, and in particular for its excellent cleaning and drying performance, productivity and environment-friendliness, as well as solid competitiveness. Our wafer cleaning equipment accommodates the advanced nodes in increasingly miniaturized semiconductor manufacturing by leveraging precise fluid simulation and other technologies, which bring about excellent cleaning and drying performance, as well as outstanding productivity supported by high throughput. Moreover, it contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the wafer fabrication process by employing an efficient chemical circulation system, which requires less chemical input.

The SCREEN Group will continue to accommodate diverse client needs for the further development of the electronics industry.

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