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Kyoto, Japan – January 29, 2024 – SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. has launched a new brand, SCRAIS, jointly with its group companies*1 for AI-driven inspection and measurement solutions. It will release new solutions targeting semiconductor wafers and printed circuit boards under this brand, starting June 2024.

In recent years, inspection of semiconductor wafers and printed circuit boards has been increasingly employing AI-aided image recognition using Deep Learning in place of human eyes, against the backdrop of labor shortage and rising labor costs. However, AI-aided inspection is currently facing the issues of oversight and false calls, resulting in extra works and decreased yields. A next-generation system with higher accuracy and lower false call rate is being called for to improve productivity.

We have therefore decided to release a successor model of our AI-driven false call filtering system under the new brand name, SCRAIS. Combining our proprietary image processing technology with AI, we aim to eliminate over 80% of false calls and minimize oversight rate to below 0.1%*2 on the client side, by optimizing algorithm and applying Deep Learning to auto defect classification, while simplifying setting procedures and reducing data labeling processes for AI modeling.

SCREEN will continue to provide AI-driven solutions to help our clients overcome challenges pertaining to inspection, such as saving man-hours and costs while improving yields.

*1. SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd., SCREEN PE Solutions Co., Ltd., and SCREEN Advanced Systems Solutions Co., Ltd.
*2. 0.1% is considerably above the average human recognition rate and is judged to be non-critical.


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