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Kyoto, Japan – January 17, 2024 – SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. has finalized construction of S3-5 (S-Cube 5), its new factory specifically designed for semiconductor production equipment. Work on the facility had been continuing at our existing Hikone Site since February 2023.

S3-5 (S-Cube 5)

Overview of New Factory


S3-5 (S-Cube 5) (S3 stands for Safety, Smart, and Speed)


480-1 Takamiya-cho, Hikone, Shiga, Japan

Building area:

Approx. 4,500 m2

Total floor area:

Approx. 13,534 m2

Construction type:

Three story, steel frame building

Total cost:

Approx. 8 billion yen

Operation starts: 

January, 2024

Main business:

Production of single wafer cleaning equipment, and other

SCREEN Holdings is also continuing to move forward with initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its production facilities. As a result, all clean rooms to be set up during its latest expansion will be equipped with energy-saving air conditioning systems.


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