Maximizing SCREEN Group Profits, as Intellectual Property Professionals

SCREEN IP Solutions
Takiyoshi Sakai, President

SCREEN IP Solutions Co., Ltd. handles intellectual property-related operations for the SCREEN Group.

This company provides a one-stop solution for the survey and analysis, application and granting of authority, maintenance and management, employee education, permission for implementation, transfer of rights and so on regarding intellectual property. SCREEN IP Solutions also contributes to create innovation and enhance corporate value.

Company Profile

Company name

SCREEN IP Solutions Co., Ltd.

Registered head office Tenjinkita-machi 1-1,Teranouchi-agaru 4-chome, Horikawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Established March 25, 2016
Representative Takiyoshi Sakai, President
Capitalization 10 million Yen
Main Fields of Business Intellectual property service-related operations