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Single Wafer Cleaner


A single-wafer cleaner combining the outstanding
productivity of up to 24 chambers resulting in high processing technology

  • 300mm
  • Aqua spin
  • 24 chamber configuration24 chamber configuration
  • 4level, 6tower construction4level, 6tower construction
  • Single chamber servicingSingle chamber servicing


1. Equipped with the industry's largest of 24 chambers

Achieving high productivity through a maximum chamber capability of 4 stages x 6 towers.

2. Significant elimination of micropattern collapse

Cutting-edge drying technology regulates the air-liquid interface on the wafer with high accuracy and speed. The temperature and humidity in the chamber are constantly controlled in the optimal state and are effectively preventing the collapse of increasingly finer, fragile patterns with high aspect ratios.

3. Superb etch uniformity and chemical reduction achieved

Equipped with "Nanocontrol nozzle" technology providing high precision control of temperature, flow rate, and discharge position of the chemical solution. Dramatically improved uniformity of etching within the wafer surface with about half the amount of chemicals is achieved.

4. APAC2*: taking chamber cleanliness to new standards

The ultra-cleaning technology "APAC" installed in the SU-3200 has evolved. The processing environment inside the chamber was improved with the new technology ASC (Advanced Stream Control), which controls the airflow inside the chamber with precision and contributes to the consistencies between chambers.

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  • *APAC2: Abbreviation for Advanced Process Atmosphere Control 2, our unique technology for chamber cleaning