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Single Wafer Cleaner


Expandable up to 12 Chambers,
Impressively High Throughput of up to 800 wafers per hour

  • 300mm
  • Aqua spin

1. High Throughput

● The stacked design combines 12 chambers in four three-level towers.

● The accelerated transport system provides throughput of up to 800 WPH.

● Productivity per unit area is increased.

2. Versatile Chemical Supply System

● Pair configuration of the chambers and fluid units plus the fluid units’ tray construction facilitate specification changes and maintenance.

● The SU-3200’s chemical supply system is at the rear to improve processing control by minimizing the distance between the chemical supply source and the wafer.
The layout can be freely adjusted to suit processing needs.

● The SU-3200 is available with either dynamic direct injection (DDI) or cabinet-type chemical supply system to best suit your needs.

3. Next-generation System Featuring Super Clean APAC* Technology

● The volume of the chamber interior is about one-third of the previous model. Maximized atmosphere replacement performance ensures ultra-high cleanliness.

● Air balance guide (ABG) ensures uniform FFU downflow.

● Proprietary air protection nozzle (APN) technology for watermark-free drying.

● Proprietary advanced splash protection (ASP) technology minimizes chemical splash to ensure a clean wafer processing environment.

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  • *APAC: Advanced Process Atmosphere Control. Screen’s ultra-clean chamber technology.