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Spin Scrubber


16 Processing Chambers For High Throughput Up To 1,000 WPH

  • 300mm

1. High productivity

In an industry-first1 for a scrubber type system, the SS-3300S is equipped with a new platform enabling installation of up to 16 chambers. A new dual transport system dramatically improves production volume for the system’s footprint, helping the SS-3300S achieve the industry’s highest practical throughput of up to 1,000 WPH2.

2. Space-saving design

The SS-3300S has a footprint 27% smaller than two 8-chamber SS-3200 spin scrubbers, saving space and delivering exceptional cost performance.

3. Control system revamped

The redesigned control system means the SS-3300S is ready for IoT and inter-system connection, adaptable for the current transition to smart factories.

4. Emissions reduction solution (optional)

An optional exhaust recirculation system reduces total emissions by 65%, ensuring clean equipment operation to support ESG measures.


1. Based on SCREEN in-house research (as of December 2020)
2. Peak throughput during continuous operation running with the same flow recipe

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