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Spin Scrubber


Advanced Transport System Achieves
High Throughput of up to 800 wafers per hour

  • 300mm

1. High Throughput

The development of an advanced transport system and a proprietary algorithm improves throughput by around two times compared to the conventional SS-3100.
This delivers high throughput of up to 800 wafers per hour.

2. Space-saving Design

As with the SS-3100, the SS-3200 is equipped with up to 8 processing chamber units. High throughput can be attained without increasing the number of processing chamber units, providing a very similar footprint to the conventional system.

3. Installation of the Latest Cleaning Tools Achieves High Cleaning Capacity

The SS-3200 can be equipped with the outstanding cleaning tools developed for conventional systems.
This includes the NanosprayǺ spray cleaning system, which provides damageless cleaning of fine patterns.
These tools contribute significantly to the improvement of yield rates for next-generation semiconductor devices.

4. Improved Cleaning Supporting Next generation Processes

The SS-3200’s cleaning level is improved by the selection of components specially designed for miniaturization and a new production method including comprehensive particle handling measures. This supports the increasingly strict cleaning requirements for next-generation cleaning processes.

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