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Wet Station


Next-generation Versatility, Speed and Functionality

  • 300mm

1. High Throughput

The FC-3100 is capable of achieving a high throughput of 1,000 wafers per hour, which has been realized by incorporating a high throughput buffer module and a high-speed transfer module.

2. Stable and Highly Reliable

Seven independent modules can be easily configured to best suit your production needs. Each module is of standardized construction. Dual cleaning baths are built into a single compact module for smoother assembly, adjustment, testing and installation.

3. Low Pressure Drying System (HiLPD)

Provided with the HiLPD, a low pressure drying system, the FC-3100 is able to provide high concentration IPA vapor without using carrier N2 gas to greatly suppress watermark generation. In addition, the high concentration IPA vapor rapidly reduces surface tension preventing pattern collapse.

  • *Compared with conventional model