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Wafer Pattern Inspection System


Equipped with three lenses in different resolutions
A wafer pattern inspection system with high resolution and high productivity

  • 100mm-300mm

1. Approximately Double the Throughput of the Previous Model

Equipped with a proprietary inspection head and a newly developed high-speed image processing engine, we have achieved a processing capacity approximately double* that of the previous model. With the integration of the full-surface inspection system using a line sensor, analyses are performed at a constant speed regardless of chip size or quantity, contributing enormously to stable production.
*Compared with the ZI-3500 model

2. Capable of Detecting and Analyzing Microscopic Defects of 1μm or less

The new objective lens identifies and analyses micro defects of 1μm or less. Equipped with three objective lenses of different resolutions, the ZI-3600 seamlessly handles automated lens switches during inspections. This single system achieves a broad range of defect inspections from micro to macro defects.

3. Easily Create Recipes while Checking the Actual Wafer Image.

Inspection conditions can be set with ease while checking the actual wafer images, enabling expert engineers as well as general operators to create recipes. Additional installation of critical dimension and overlay measurement functions are available. These measurements can be performed simultaneously during inspection simply by setting the conditions when constructing a recipe.