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Spectroscopic Film Thickness Measurement System


A desktop model that can be incorporated into production lines

  • 100mm-300mm

1. The CCD image sensor in the spectrometer makes simultaneous measurement possible across the full range of wavelengths in the visible spectrum, as well as high-speed, high-accuracy measurement of film thicknesses.

2. Recipe wizard function for easy operation.

3. Supports a wide range of measurement data processing functions including 3D mapping, film thickness data compensation, histogram displays, and a range of other statistical tools.

4. Automatic measurement with auto-stage and auto-focus functions.

5. Standard setup capable of measuring the thickness and spectral reflectance of 25 kinds of films. A wide variety of measurement programs are available to support measurements for other film types.

6. Simultaneous multi-layer measurements for up to 4 layers of film.