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Spin Processor


Outstanding functionality and scalability
easily handle emerging needs

  • 76-200mm

1. Reliable wafer transfer using a mechanical method

The SP-2100 employs an I-LINE single path transfer system. Stable wafer transfer is achieved by a pick-and-place method of mechanical transfer with a well-established track record.


2. Suitable for a wide range of compound wafers

The SP-2100 is suitable for SiC, GaN, LiTaO3, and many other types of compound wafers, as well as silicon wafers. It can process a wide range of wafer sizes from 76 to 200 mm.

3. Processing chamber (MTC/DTC)

Multitask chamber
The SP-2100 can also perform cleaning and etching using high-temperature strong acids.

Dry-task chamber
Wafers are rinsed using DIW, followed by high-speed spin drying.

4. Suitable for metal etching processes

The SP-2100 can perform etching with high reproducibility when equipped with the optional SCREEN proprietary endpoint sensor.

5. A new GUI enhances usability

The SP-2100 features a new GUI and an updated control system for simple, intuitive operation.

6. Optional cleaning tools further expand device compatibility

Either Nanospray or Softspray is available as an optional cleaning tool, and a surface brush can also be installed for post-CMP cleaning and other processes. The SP-2100 can thus perform a wide range of cleaning processes to suit the purpose and application.