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Coat/Develop Track


Flexibility to Process a Variety of Substrates

  • 150-200mm

The SK-60EX / SK-80EX is designed to meet the challenges of today's diversifying electronic device manufacturing requirements by offering basic system performance enhancements for a broader range of required applications evolving over time.

1. Continuing the Reliability of the Long-Selling 60/80 Series

The SK-60EX / SK-80EX extends the concept of “design for reliability” that is the hallmark of the 60/80 series with its large installed base of systems. It extends the tradition of stable operation to meet the challenges posed by a wide range of advanced technologies and specialized applications.

2. Updated Control System for Easy Expandability

Building on the existing technology, it represents a significant step up in performance by updated control system. Offering a new level of expandability and flexibility, the SK-60EX / SK-80EX is a platform that enables a rapid response to the ever-changing world of device manufacturing.

3. Maintaining the Upward Compatibility of the 60/80 Series

The SK-60EX / SK-80EX marks a leap forward in operability and enhanced screen configurations. Yet the basic approach to recipe creation has been retained, rendering it a natural fit for operators already familiar with the 60/80 series.

4. Flexibility to Process a Variety of Substrates

A wide range of substrates is accommodated including thin wafers, AlTiC, ferrite magnetic substrates, glass, lithium tantalate, sapphire substrates, and double-sided patterned substrates. Various options are provided to satisfy the stringent requirements of the various substrates.

5. Performance Leveraging Advanced Technology

Multiple technology options are available to meet the advanced requirements of today’s diverse device development environment.