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Wet Station


Compact Half-pitch and One-bath
Batch Cleaning System

  • 200mm

1. These systems enable half-pitch transfer of wafers. The size of baths has been reduced to minimize the volume of chemicals and DI water used.

2. The CHB chemical circulation bath allows processing with even high-temperature and high-concentration chemicals. The FC-821L supports a wide range of cleaning processes.

3. These systems feature one-bath processing to allow both chemical and DI water cleaning processes in a single bath, and always maintain saturation to internal segments of fine patterns, to ensure efficient cleaning. Native oxide film is also minimized because the wafers never come in contact with the atmosphere during the cleaning process. Because five types of chemicals can be used in a single bath, the system can be flexibly adapted to accommodate a wide range of cleaning processes.

4. The FC-821L incorporates a low-pressure dryer that totally eliminates watermark generation.