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Compact Wet Station


Half the Footprint, 1.5 Times the Productivity!
Excellent Cost-Performance!

  • 50-200mm

1. All-in-One concept

The chemical supply and cooling units on the CW-2000 are integrated into the system to reduce footprint. The CW-2000 requires 45% less space than our previous model.

2. Handles a diverse variety of wafer processing

A single CW-2000 system can handle a wide range of wafer sizes, from 50 mm to 200 mm.

3. New drying unit available

Adding to the previous DIS (Drain & IPA Substitution) drying unit, the new lineup includes an eco-friendly Hot Blow-Drying system (HBD) that does not use IPA. Customers are free to select the unit appropriate for their usage conditions.

4. Flexible expansion

The CW-2000 can be expanded to include four, six or eight processing baths, to match your productivity and the space available for installation.

5. Higher productivity

The CW-2000 achieves 150 WPH, with 1.5 times greater productivity than our previous model. 

6. Supports RCA cleaning

The CW-2000 also supports RCA cleaning, which has been the mainstream cleaning method for semiconductors, effectively boosting yields.