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Laser Annealer


Ultra-low Thermal Budget.
High-temperature Melt-annealing of Wafer Surfaces in Sub-micro Seconds.

  • 100mm-300mm

SCREEN introduces its laser thermal annealing technology addressing the constraints of advanced device thermal processing. The systems utilize a unique UV laser technology allowing a specific melt process bringing benefits in dopant activation, thin films crystallization, defect curing, surface smoothing, 3D stacking and a few more. The heating-cooling cycle is the fastest ever available below 200ns. The step and repeat approach makes the process uniform across the devices as well as across the wafers whatever the wafer size. The benefits of the LT-3100 are accessible to customers using small wafers for advanced power devices as well as thin wafers down to 40μm. LT-3100 is leveraging a flexible platform to be adapted to specific application needs and productivity. Among its unique capabilities, a real time monitoring of the process allows a detailed process tracking. The full device capability brings also a unique tool for process development by providing the possibility to do combinatorial experiments: then hundredths different processing conditions can be done at once on a single wafer. This allows cutting down the process development time and cost.

1. Ultra-low Thermal Budget

Achieving the highest possible temperature gradient in sub-micro seconds, LT-3100 is able to anneal fragile substrates without damaging critical device structures.

2. Dopant Activation Control

Obtaining unprecedented high line and parametric yield levels are only possible with the LT annealing process. By melt-annealing, the dopants are superactivated and the low resistance layer is defect free.

3. Full Device Annealing

Annealing one die, a group of dies or only the desired region in a single shot, the LT-3100 makes it all possible by shaping the beam size to meet process and device requirements without stitching.